16 Wholesome Stories About Animals That Show How Precious They Are

Animals are wholesome creatures who provide us with wholesome stories to write about…all the time.

Animals are very unique in their own way. The obvious barrier makes it really hard for us to understand what they are feeling or what they want, but it isn’t possible. Difficult, but doable. From the human’s perspective, I think I won’t be wrong for saying that the majority of us absolutely love animals. We love to involve them with ourselves. Sure, there’s a bias for cats and dogs, but some of the other animals give really tough competition to the market leaders.


People don’t like to keep their animal experiences restricted to only themselves. They want the whole world to know about them. And for that reason, people turn to social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. to share stories, photos, and many different kinds of updates about animals.

These Tumblr posts related to animals are super fun and hilarious but they also tick all the boxes for being adorable as well. Get ready for a wholesome experience.

1. The movie should be named “The Horse of Dreams”

Credits: whomst

2. You’ll have to take Dank Memes 101 to understand this


Credits: autistic–cryptid

3. Man trying to turn us all into X-Men


Credits: emboars

4. Adorable and entirely wholesome


Credits: arkamos-aurelius

5. A human cat?


Credits: Cheshirecatboyfriend

6. Frogs for life. That’s a cute drawing though.


Credits: Astraldemise

7. Looks like nutmegged wanted to nutmeg the horse but got nutmegged instead. We’re glad all animals are safe.


Credits: Angelahedderick

8. Who made who? The dilemma for Egyptians continues.


Credits: ibroughtyoumybullets

These stories are so random but very much adorable and hilarious. Animals deserve our best and, to be honest, I love how animals are so much more involved now in our day-to-day lives, be it through their physical presence in your house as pets or tamed animals, or through social media.

Let’s look at some more adorable animal stories.

9. Sorry is no more terrifying when cats enter the scene


Credits: wodneswynn

10. You can always count on a racoon for both having a great day and nightmares


Credits: writing-is-a-bitch

11. No gorillas deserve to die

Credits: bogleech

12. Oh my god, his eyes!


Credits: malachte

13. Never make a doggo wait for kisses and cuddles

Credits: quichehound

14. They’re smarter than you can imagine


Credits: wittyusernamed

15. Best yearbook picture ever

Credits: enchanting-ravenclaw

16. I would like to agree and disagree at the same time


Credits: curseworm

We hope you had a really good time reading through these posts. I absolutely loved the creativity of that person who wanted to bring in his cat for the yearbook picture and when the principal identified the fun in it and decide to join in, I think the whole thing could be a great contender for the moment of the year.

Let us know if you guys liked this post. Feel free to comment down below. Share your fun animal stories with us. And maybe it’d get featured here one day.

Have a great day and stay tuned for more.


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