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Wholesome Dog Tweets That Made 2020 A Little Better

Hey, hows your 2020 going so far? Not so good, we suppose. But to make it temporarily better at the moment, what could be better than watching dog tweets!?

Dogs are adorable creatures. As simple as it may sound, it is true to a great extent. There is nothing more than a dog’s love that we want in life. And honestly, we can’t even think of anything better than that. Their perfectly round heads, big ears, soft fur, and wagging tails are absolutely adorable. There’s an intrinsic feeling when you look at something cute and say ‘Yeah, this thing IS cute’, and that is what happens when we look at most dogs. But despite their looks, they also are an important part of our lives. Most dog owners would agree that they play an important role in their families. Just looking at them can make us smile instantly and take away all our worries. And is there anything more beautiful than that? We think not.


And this is why we love them so much. Dogs are so much loved by people around the world that they wouldn’t even mind tweeting about someone’s dog on their Twitter accounts. What would anyone have to do with one’s dog? Nothing, right? Wrong! We welcome and enjoy any dog content that we can lay our eyes on. We bet the hardest part would be choosing your favourite one. But we promise they’ll make you smile. Scroll below to go through some cutest tweets about dogs that we have collected for you to enjoy.

1. Downward she said. It will feel good she said…

The key is to paws and reflect.

2. She’s an extremely adorable baby.

via Weratedogs

And she knows, that she’s loved.

3. Damn. Maybe we could try this too, with our parents?

via Grizzzly

You know what, never mind.

4. When you get a new doorbell, but have no one to ring it.

The face this pooch has is beyond gorgeous!!!!

5. A classic example of two peas in a pod.

Except one’s a little crazier.

6. She got it all wrong.

via ALLY

Please refrain from carrying out such acts unless you’re this cute.

7. When the owner bribes your way to the bathtub and you fall for it.

via Ash Warner

‘Doggo no want bath until there are no rubber duckies!’

8. How we all sleep after fighting with mom…

or should we say disappear?

9. Can’t dock the pay if you don’t go to work *smart*

via Ashwarner

But you heard him! Get.To.Work.

We bet you are enjoying the pictures! But hey, you have a lot of tweets to go through sir and you’re definitely running out of time. And really, how can one even stop? We’re loving these tweets and we certainly cannot imagine our life without them. But you are gonna have to keep on scrolling, so that no doggo gets mad.

10. As far as we know, this is an angel in disguise.

via JustJanis

We’re not crying, you are. Heart reacts only!

11. Well, there were no paintings in the house.

via Ashwarner

So, I thought about being artistic!

12. Girl: ‘You know what, I don’t care! ‘*Girl 2 seconds later*


via AJ Grigg

By the look in those eyes, we can tell someone’s in dire need of attention.

13. We’re speechless.

Somebody, please tell us if this works..asking for a friend.

14. How to save your food from younger siblings who have already eaten theirs.

via goron girl ©

That look could kill.

15. First, they steal your heart then they steal your water bowls…

Puppy crime isn’t a thing, right?

16. The new dog doesn’t know what he’s getting into…


But by looking at that face, we wish him good luck.

17. Team works make the dream works

via @atelly8

We love the smiling K9s.

18. Awww. That is SO ADORABLE!


He doesn’t want you to go! Staahp, hooman.

Well, we are done with the pictures. That doesn’t mean forever. Just for now, we’ve shown you the best dog tweets that are guaranteed to be your silver lining in the clouds. We’ll be back with more, we promise. Let us know in the comments which tweet was your favourite and made you crack a smile. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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