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10+ Dogs Who Decided To Play In The Mud And Happily Ruined Their Fur

If you have a child, or are responsible for one, you know that kids tend to be messy. Their rooms are always littered and full of random things, and it only takes a bit to adjust them. You can still teach them and raise them to be not as messy but if your “child” happens to be a furry dog, then things get more complicated.


Take these puppies for example. There is some joy and simplicity in playing around in the mud that even humans feel. Dogs are much more instinctual creatures, so for them, it’s practically irresistible.

But you have to wonder, most of these dogs are quite fluffy and the mud mats their fur considerably. They’ll have to get in baths to clean it off, and I don’t know many dogs that are fans of baths. If they could talk, do you think they would regret mud showers if they knew they had to deal with baths afterward?

Nah. Just look at their cute faces.

1. He got everything muddy except his face.

via: onnisamoyed

2. It’s like she’s got a mud mask.

via: Laura Rennie

3. That poise, that grace, those legs.

via: netgeekAnimal

Dog fur is very different to human hair, it’s usually thicker and denser. If you’ve ever had to clean out the mud from your own hair, you know that it’s not that simple, it requires a lot of rinsing, a lot of shampoo, and a lot of tugging.

So these poor puppies… They’ll have to deal with it way worse.

4. He somehow got only his paws yellow.

via: zuckerbot5356

5. Look at the face of pure happiness.

via: Sandra Katiela

6. This puppy decided to cuddle his human friend afterwards.

via: beanonme82

7. She made a mess, but it was worth every muddy strand of fur.

via: harveythegoldenirish

8. Now two puppies somehow got everything but their face muddy.

via: viennasamoyedspack

9. The true Loch Ness monster.

via: At Work? We Walk!

Whenever I see pictures like the one above, I wonder how bad it would be for the dog if they swallowed some mud. I gag at the mere thought of it, but they’re dogs! Maybe they like it?

This is one of many times I wish they could communicate with us and tell us what’s on their minds.

10. What’s with these samoyeds and missing their faces?

via: the.white.shadows

11. At first he was sad, then he was confused.

via: winniethepooch33

12. This puffy girl decided to get muddy and go green.

via: Tacocat0927

13. Ah, yes, the mud is black, just like my heart.

via: cooper_spoodle_doo

14. She went from a mlem to a wide grin.

via: Sushisando

15. There’s no way to resist those eyes.

via: eleni_ralph_sylvie

16. Somehow, this good boy got his face and none of his back muddy.

via: Laura Rennie

17. It’s Dug from Up!

via: ponder233823

18. Fear the presence of these legs.

via: koitheborzoi

19. He had fun… But at what cost?

via: RadioaktivJ

20. She tracked all the mud into the car, but can you really be mad at that face?

via: Wism

We love our pets unconditionally, even on the days and times when they not only cover themselves with mud, but track that mud into our cars. It would take ages to clean it out, hours upon hours of work, but just looking at her happy face makes me think that perhaps it was worth it.


21. Oh, so this Samoyed got mud on his face.

via: poorkidz

22. Look at this old puppy having the time of his life.

via: Laura Rennie

23. The princess in the mud.

via: rrkirl

24. A pair of happy girls!

via: taigauggo

25. Look at how immediately her mood changed.

via: activ_dogs

26. She knows she’s gonna get cleaned hard but it was WORTH IT.

via: chroniclesofindiana

27. He’s got the widest grin!

via: Oiseauii

28. A mud bath is exactly what the mailman ordered.

via: Rockabillyjonny

29. I’m going to guess that this good boy decided to eat mud.

via: wrigleythewiggly

30. Playing in the mud is the way towards happiness.

via: louie.and.elliot

What about you? Do you own a dog with a love for mud? Tell us about it!


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