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20 Wholesome Posts To Get You Through The Week

The 24-hour news cycle and unrestricted access to information have revealed one thing: we are collectively on the verge of a self-inflicted downward spiral. Cool, but not really, given the planet’s increasing warming.

It’s simple to scroll down and read about everything that’s wrong with the world. We can’t take our eyes away from it, it’s like a fiery car collision.

The current condition of circumstances isn’t exactly inspiring to read about. Aren’t they downright depressing?

It’s impossible to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to wars, totalitarian regimes, mass executions, economic collapse, a pandemic, and basically any mass extinction event we can imagine. But every now and then, wholesome stories posted on the internet give us a ray of hope and a sliver of happiness.

Sure, these anecdotes don’t solve the problem of world hunger or homelessness, but they do give us the motivation to keep going. They aren’t toxic positivity; they are just wonderful posts shared by people all over the world in the hopes that someone else would smile when they see them. So what are you waiting for? Keep on scrolling down through this these wholesome images. We are sure that you are going to love it!.


1. Where do you guys get this kind of landlord?

1. Okay, this landlord gets a pass for taking the dog into account (let's see if he will build an actual back door next)

2. Don’t they look cute and yummy? Looking at them makes you feel relaxed, right?

2. These mushroom-inspired cupcakes look so good tho!

3. This man is spreading positivity through his beautiful message, it is wholesome.

3. A very wholesome message from a stranger is the affirmation we all need to read everyday

4. Do we have an update if she married this man because this is absolutely adorable!

4. Do we have an update if she married this man because this is absolutely adorable!

5. Look at this mermaid-inspired braid, I think we need Youtube tutorials

5. This mermaid-inspired braid that needs its own tutorial video!

6. Such an innocent adorable old man, I think you should let him keep these chips

6. You should have let the old man have his way with the chips. He really needed that win today.

7. Do you guys relate to this?

7. This person who tidied up their depression room and finally relaxed

8. Such a beautiful work of art. We are sure that grandma loved it

8. We should all gift our Christian grandparents this embroidery

9. What are you doing hooman? Why are you being so stingy? You should give me this right away.

9. What is this trickery human? You don't need that cover to protect your steak. I promise I will look after it, trust me!

10. This is such a great gesture, may his soul rest in peace.

10. This family who received comfort after a loved one passed away knowing that he helped a mom to live her life fully with her family

11. That’s how you make bestfriends

11. A couple of best buds in the making!

12. Musician T-Pain is now a restaurant owner! Congratulations!

12. Musician T-Pain is now a restaurant owner! Congratulations!

13. OP must have made his cat pissed off, you should better not use it

13. This cat who claimed their human's AirPods as its own

14. Kids are unpredictable sometimes they stun us, well she’s right.

14. This teenager who is upholding their reputation and honoring the family name daily when she's in school

15. What if this kitty doesn’t let you leave? I mean who can resist look at those beautiful eyes

15. This kitty who doesn't want its human to leave. Who would ever leave after looking at those eyes!

16. This girl is a new member of the Disney Princess club, may she bring sunshine wherever she goes just like this

16. This little girl who brings sunshine wherever she goes! New members of the Disney princess club right here!

17. Luna is a great camouflage artist

17. Wow! So stealthy, Luna!

18. Dogs be like

18. When you finally reach Nirvana after going to the dog park

19. This retailer worker deserves all the good things in the world

19. Retail workers deserve all of the good things in the world and liveable wages!

20. Happy Birthday to you sweet old boy

20. Your old boy looks annoyed because you set his sausage on fire

21. This is wholesome, look at these two adorable cats enjoying warm cuddles

21. An adorable family unit who obviously don't have a shortage in warm cuddles

22. We’ll see you on the rainbow bridge someday, paw-some friend!

22. We'll see you on the rainbow bridge someday, paw-some friend!
We hope that these images brought a smile to your face. Please find the time each day to check on yourself and your mental health because both of these are important for one. There’s a lot of good in the world that’s still left we just have to seek harder that’s all.
Let us know what do you think about this post in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like and share it with your friends and family. Stay positive and tuned with Defused for more wholesome content. Thank You!.


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