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Wife Tells Husband Dinner Is Ready When It’s Not Because He Spent 2 Hours In The Bathroom

Social media obsession has really become a thing these days, it has been grabbing people by their throats. It sure is something exciting and entertaining but that does not mean the days and nights should be spent scrolling over it. We all have a certain amount of time during which we just sit down, check our social accounts, and relax. However, there are other people who seem to have their lives revolve around social apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, and the list goes on. This attitude often pisses off the closer ones around as they need attention and are also concerned in other ways.


A Reddit user brought up a similar issue to rant over, where she has become fed up with her husband’s Tik Tok obsession. OP states that her husband despite being in his 40s spends hours and hours together glued to his phone’s screen exploring the world of Tik Tok. It has gotten him to the point that he is totally ignorant of his surroundings while being on his phone. OP being a lenient wife, lets him be in peace and is very considerate about his personal time but she is also very concerned about her children as being wrongly influenced.

It was that one time that she was done running after her husband for basic things such as eating dinner, as he is so involved in this activity that he even forgets to take his meals. OP roasted a chicken for dinner and later had a plan of having a family movie night. OP’s husband being his usual self went upstairs unaware of OP calling out on him for returning soon as the dinner would be soon ready. He returned after two hours and OP had lost all her hope in him, had picked up the table, and was halfway through the movie with the children. The husband on his return started yelling at OP for not calling him to have dinner.

Who is TA here? Go on read the post and decide for yourself!

1. Here’s what and how things have been

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2. The Reddit users were provoked, clearly infuriated, and suggest to OP that she seriously needs to talk this matter out with the husband

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3. A grown-up would never inflict such an attitude


4. The husband should be woken up from his dreamy life

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5. No compromise on the self-respect

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6. OP needs to reconsider her relationship with her husband

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7. There’s no way this dude can be justified for all he has been doing

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8. A point to be noted, Indeed! Family is beautiful

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Being in a relationship puts equal responsibility on both spouses. If one of them puts off their responsibility, the other can’t be held accountable at all. Moreover, OP had been fulfilling all that was on her part or even giving in more just to facilitate her partner but her partner seems not to be acknowledging that at all, rather he held his wife answerable for petty things.

9. There’s something unusual about this behavior that needs to be spotted out

10. Hard to absorb

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11. People are suggesting that OP should check if there’s something going on with him with other aspects of life

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12. It ain’t something to be taken lightly

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Additionally, locking away yourself in solitude wouldn’t solve any problem even if OP’s husband is going through something. This would negatively influence his relationship with OP as well as their children. Hereby, people are suggesting the author check up on her partner whether everything has been fine lately with her husband. They seriously need to discuss things in order to make it work.

13. Totally agree with the ‘legs fall asleep’ part

14. The root cause should be identified of why the husband is going into a solace?

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15. OP did what she could, NTA

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What-so-ever the reason might be behind the husband’s weird obsession with the Tik Tok, the stance of OP not being TA is pretty clear. What are your thoughts on this? Do let us know in the comments below!


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