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Woman Refuses To Have A Kid Because Her Husband Can’t Even Take Care Of The Cat

This is why so many relationships end early.

We all know many people like to get pets when they get in a relationship. It can be a great way to take care of someone together, and you can also learn a lot about your partner. I am not at all saying taking care of a pet and a child can be the same, but it does give you an idea on how your significant other will behave when the time comes. That is where this woman is coming from. You see she and her partner have a cat.

And apparently the guy doesn’t take care of the ca as much as she would like him to. He also doesn’t adhere to the feeding schedule she has laid out for the cat which is sort of understandable. You might think this isn’t really about the cat and there are some deeper issues in their relationships. And that is where you are 100% right. Wanting a kid is fun and all but taking care of a child is not an easy feat. So it can’t be quite harder than it looks. So it is understandable why she is wary of getting pregnant.

Not to mention, they are also quite young to boot.

Source: Reddit

I love animals as well, that is exactly the reason I don’t have a cat.

Honestly, it just depends on the cat. Some eat more than that, others less.


Does there really have to be a set schedule for this? It seems she is blowing this out of proportion.


I mean deciding to have a kid is a very big decision but wanting to get up to feed a cat isn’t really the only thing she should worry about.


ESH because the dynamic between the both of you sounds really weird and not actually about the cats. He ‘just’ works? That could so easily be flipped to you ‘just’ go to school. And if you hate being home so much, why don’t you do the paperwork to get the car here? I just think you two have some deeper issues because you come across as sounding really resentful of your husband for no real reason other than arbitrary cat food schedules which I’m sure is not it. –5purplepoodles

I honestly can’t understand what this is really about.


While I get, it is a good test, taking care of a kid is much more difficult and drastically different.


It depends on her what she is willing to deal with.


While I would never question someone life choices, having a kid so early can’t be quite hard.



You got married as teenagers, it sounds like, so you’re having to grow up a lot.

First, your husband needs to be examined by a sleep study if it takes him two hours to wake up enough to be able to feed a cat. Something’s wrong there.

Second, he’s keeping you at home without a car because he’s too lazy to do paperwork? Sounds like he’s more interested in a bang maid than a partner right now. This dude won’t do some simple paperwork, but you want to bring another person into the mix? A person who needs a LOT of work and support?

Third, maybe you aren’t mature enough to have a baby if you don’t know cats don’t have to be fed strictly on that made-up schedule. Unless your cat has some super-specific medical issue, it’s nbd. –TheWaystone

It just seems like they aren’t trying to find an amicable solution to the cat feeding problem.


No two cats are the same.


That sounds like this user is assuming a lot of things, but I can see where they are coming from.

Does she realize a child won’t adhere to a schedule she lays out?


They clearly need to work on their relationship if they want to take it forward.

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