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50 Hilariously Purrfect Cat Snaps To Give Your Daily Dose Of Cuteness

What’s the cat owners’ favorite thing on Snapchat? Cat snaps.

In a world where we can’t spend a day without social media, a cat owner can’t spend his life without two things. One is Snapchat and the other is their lovely feline. It’s hard they could miss these two things in life. What’s better than giving time to both? Cat owners use Snapchat for their cat snaps and we love it when a cat snap appears on our mobile phones’ screen. Our day gets so much better when we see a lovely feline enjoying his/her life.


We have seen all kinds of cats on social media. The ones that guard their owner, the one who comes to your house to call his other furry friend, the one who sleeps in the planters and the ones who get caught by neighbors. Cats have a lovely variety and have so much to offer us. Happiness, smiles and entertainment. They have all the good things to provide us with. In times like these, when we hardly smile or laugh, our cats bring us joy. Lovely felines are our favorite and this is the reason why we have made this compilation. Today, our list includes 50 adorable cat snaps whose sole purpose is to bring you pure joy. So, get ready for the overloaded cuteness. Bring yourself some popcorns, grab a seat, scroll down and enjoy!

1. Keep an empty cardboard box and you have successfully trapped the cat.

2. Can you have better security guards?


3. Feed a stray kitten and get ready for the surprise.


4. Meet the exclamation butt!


5. Cats love trying new things:


Cats be like: What a comfy couch!

6. Be like this cat even your whole world is falling apart.


7. The little monster who tries to unlock your phone has been caught.


8. Feeling cute, might not delete this behavior ever.


9. Thank you for choosing me. I’m sure we’ll fit perfectly together.


10. When you are too kind to your cats:


11. Cat: I have found a new place in the house.

12. When your cat is talented and creative:

13. Meet the cinnamon roll:

14. Every cat when mom and dad are about to leave:


15. The cutest paw prints.

Our fluffy felines don’t care about the world. The way they act so carefree, it seems like they live in another world. Well, that’s true! They enjoy their life without thinking if anyone would judge them. They are spontaneous and would do whatever comes to their minds. No matter what’s going around them, they are enjoying their activities. They love comfy spaces, does not matter if it is the sheep’s back that makes them feel comfy and cozy. If they love your chair, they would never leave it. You better find yourself a new seat but don’t offend the cat by getting your seat back.

Another thing about cats is that they love empty cardboard boxes. An empty shoebox or a blender’s box. They would get obsessed with it. You can try it LOL. Since there are all kinds of cats, some are blessed with special features that make them stand out from the rest. A cat with an exclamation mark (!) on his butt or a cat that looks like a cinnamon roll. What’s better than seeing a beautiful cat on your Snapchat? Scroll down for more cat snaps.

16. Park has a purrfect surprise for you:


17. Grandpa’s cat is pawmazing!

18. New neighbors are stalking us!


19. What a good start of the day to receive flowers from your furry friend?

20. What love at first sight looks like:


21. Cuteness overloaded!

22. When you are late to the meeting and your boss sits there like this:


23. Time to update our wallpaper.

24. Rule: Never shout at cats.

25. When you get caught red-handedly:

26. The world’s most interesting lamp:

27. Please stop being so cute, my heart is melting.


28. She waits for the flowers to fall and then brings them to me.

29. Is this how you get a cat?


30. Look at their faces after getting caught:

31. We have officially found a spider-cat:

Cats are mischievous; if you hide something from them, they would all join and plan a purrfect strategy against you. Have you ever seen cats making a ladder in the kitchen in the middle of the night to get to the food you have put in the first cabinet? Have you ever seen a cat’s face after you find her hoarding stashes? The face that she will make after getting caught will just melt your heart. You try shouting at one of your cats and the other one would come in the scene to rescue her and comfort her. These cat snaps are pure joy. Scroll down to see more hilarious, adorable and smart cats.

32. If you have a chubby cat, get him/her this spot.


33. We know who will lose it!

34. What a good boy Ralph is!

35. Cat: Don’t worry hooman! I’m with you.


36. The best vacation ever.

37. It was worth missing the flight.

38. The new kitten has found home!


39. Tell Oliver to bring milk next time.

40. Too cool for you.

41. What’s cooking, you beautiful ladies?


42. Napping on your hooman’s head is the purrfect spot to sleep.

43. Blessing your morning with this cute face!

44. You can’t reach her level!


45. When your cat is handsome than you:

46. Cat be like: Wtf did I just see?

47. They are on a mission. Better not disturb them.


48. Go away hooman, that’s my place.

Find yourself a new place to brush your teeth.

49. Beautiful mama, beautiful kittens!

50. Cats wear jackets.

What a beautiful catto! Don’t be fooled, she is not wearing any jacket. Nature has blessed her with this fur that makes her look like she is wearing the fur of its enemies. What’s better than being the owner of a cat that brings you flowers every morning? Aww, we would like to have such a cat. Our mornings would get blessed. Cats are hilarious, the way they make weird faces. The face that they make when they see you in the bathroom is hilarious. Cats are the best meme material. Have you ever taken your cat’s snaps and made a hilarious meme out of it? Comment down to let us know about your favorite ones from our list.


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