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Woman Saves And Adopts A Newborn Kitten With Umbilical Cord Still Attached

If it was not known to you already, let me break it to you. Not all mother cats take care of their newborns after their birth. Many adult cats often leave their little babies. There could be a plethora of reasons that makes them do this. That is just how this sad life works. It happens often and sometimes the newborns get lucky that they get spotted by souls that come in the shape of humans.


Today we will be diving into the story of a newborn cat baby who got abandoned and rejected by her mother. She was all alone in this scary world. A ray of hope shined upon the little kitten when a human found her all alone, with an umbilical cord still connected to her. It was so young it could not even open its eyes. The kind human, luckily, rushed to the neighbor, YucateCosa, who was later going to be the best parent in the world to this newborn. YucateCosa served as a savior and made sure this baby was provided with sufficient nutrition and grow healthy. All the love and warmth that a kitten deserves, was given with open arms by YucateCosa and the rest of the family.

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Via YucateCosa

1. Newborn!

“On may 31th A knock on my door brought me joy. My neighbor found this baby hours after birth, the mom rejected her… and brought her to me”

It is such a relief that someone noticed this abandoned baby. It would be so horrible if it was completely left alone. This baby probably would not have been able to survive for long in this wild world. It is a harsh world for kittens. The little kitten had the umbilical cord still connected to the body. It required urgent care and nutrition. This universe must bless the souls who were there to rescue the newborn!

2. First sip of milk!


“I had just adopted a couple of cats so I had kitten formula in the pantry, otherwise she wouldn’t have made it. I made a bottle and fed her every couple hours.”

This person was already a pro at everything related to cats! Fortunately, the bottle and the kitten formula were already available in this kitten’s new home. It looks like she was meant to be here and this home was since the start.

3. Tiny baby!


“She was very tiny, and she still had the umbilical cord attached.”

Poor baby!

4. Cooler and seed cushion for warmth!


“I kept her on a six-pack cooler with a seed cushion for warmth.”

I am so happy about how this person was going to lengths to comfort this little kitten. The cooler was this kitten’s and no one could take it away from her.

5. Slowly but surely!


The baby finally started to grow after the gradual process. All the nutrition being fed to her was doing its work!

6. Tunes for the kitten!


“I sing her love me tender to sleep.”

A nice and gentle tune helped this little one sleep.

7. A slight setback


“On the 5th day her eye got infected, the vet squeezed it like a pimple with great skill, from then it was eye drops a few times a day, but her eye opened the next day, two days before it was supposed to.”

Growth takes time. There are setbacks on the way but this little one is fighting all the battles one by one!

8. Making friends


“As soon as she started walking around she found playmates.”

The cuddly little baby did not have any trouble making friends!

9. Curious puppy


“Sansa loved her from the start and was very curious about her, now they are besties.”

Even the adorable puppy welcomed the kitten with a gentle sniff. This kitten was in for a lot of siblings! She had a whole family waiting for her to fully grow and start playing around.

10. Cezzarinno for the president!


“Cezzarinno is a great baby sitter, he helped me stimulate her to pee and poo, and kept her clean.”

It is such a blessing that this big cat was present to assist the human in the process of parenting the newborn kitten.

11. Hint of color

“June 16th, starting to get some color on her ears and paws.”

That little body got some color as time passed!

12. She loves milk!


“She took the bottle very well, I fed her at 5 am, 11 or noonish, evening, night, and midnight. It was exhausting and she is very picky, the milk has to be just right.”

Given how she was abandoned by her own mother, I think this little one deserves to be a little picky about the milk she prefers. She looks so cute drinking the milk from the bottle!

13. Infection hit like a storm

“I was worried her eyes were ruined because of the infection.”

14. Cheetah girl!


“June 21st, she got some stripes.”

That body started getting beautiful stripes, a sign that she is growing!

15. Her nose got a bit of color too!

16. Her first crawl!


It is so cute to see such a tiny creature trying to crawl over such a huge and tall human. Imagine the willpower needed to overtake a tall human!

17. She was named Rocky!

“Her name is Rockette, Rocky for short, and she already knows her name.”

And we finally have a name for this munchkin.

18. Little dude is sleeping


Look how peacefully she is sleeping. No one should be allowed to even move while she is asleep. Her sleep should not be disturbed.

19. A little flash can bring out the terror!

That flash just exposed the ghost in this little creature. It looks like she is out to get all of us!

20. Nap buddy


It is so wholesome to see these two sleeping in each other’s comfort.

21. Cuddle buddies

These pictures are making me giggle like a baby. Just look at how these two are hugging each other with so much warmth and gentleness!

22. I found a friend in you


No amount of pictures of these two sleeping together can be enough. Keep them coming!

23. A big baby dropped by.

“The baby daddy snuck in my house, I call him Kevin, he lives next door.”

24. Kitty on full alert!

“July 17th. EDIT: Thank you guys, for the kind words and encouragement, I will make another post as she grows, and maybe get a pic of momma cat. I’m keeping 31st.”

25. I am a healthy baby!

This little one looks healthier than ever!

This earth surely needs more humans like YucateCosa because it is not a common occurrence for someone to take responsibility for a newborn kitten who has not even been milk-fed by its mother. It is a huge commitment because newborns have needs that not everyone can cater to. It requires determination to be able to help a newborn kitten go through the early stage after birth.

My heart has melted after reading this story. Has yours too? Let us know in the comments how this story made you feel!


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