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Worker Gets Fired Unjustly, Takes Entire International Division Down With Him

Oh my god This might be the longest story to emerge from the r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit of Reddit. It may also be one of the best-written pieces to ever emerge from the platform.


Reddit user u/Warrior044 gave a complex and in-depth tale of a time when their boss’ boss threatened to terminate them in this story. They had been employed by a big American firm with numerous foreign units situated abroad. In a lengthy introduction, u/Warrior044 explains how they were in charge of running a machine that was “immensely vital” to the facility’s operations, despite being very easy to operate. One unskilled person, who also happened to be buddies with the boss, was present on the team in charge of the machine, which was a distraction. Their negligence would set off a chain of events that would destroy the division as a whole. Check out this article for this dreadful story of an employee and how he handled the whole situation.

1. This is the crux of the story 


Cheezburger Image 9687031552

2. Background information 

Cheezburger Image 9687032064

3. More of background information 

Cheezburger Image 9687031808

4. This is the important part

Cheezburger Image 9687032320

5. The machine was important and only a few technicians would understand how it works

Cheezburger Image 9687032832

6. Of all the 3 guys who knew about machines, Antonio was the important one 

Cheezburger Image 9687032576

7. Antonio and OP got along very well 

Cheezburger Image 9687033088

8. Then comes Igor who was a very rude guy

Cheezburger Image 9687033600

9. This is the actual part of the story 

Cheezburger Image 9687033344

10. So one morning this happens..

Cheezburger Image 9687034368

11. Igor replied to OP rudely when he asked him to sort that one order

Cheezburger Image 9687033856

12. OP asked the boss about the whole matter 

Cheezburger Image 9687034112

13. The grinding sound of the machine was bad 

Cheezburger Image 9687035648
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14. The damage of the machine was inspected 

Cheezburger Image 9687034624

15. Igor tried to blame OP for everything but in vain 

Cheezburger Image 9687035392

16. OP was put in the pre-assessment team 

Cheezburger Image 9687034880

17. Strike 2/3

Cheezburger Image 9687035136

18. Then this happened 

Cheezburger Image 9687036928

19. This is where the twist comes

Cheezburger Image 9687035904

20. This is the part where OP decided to maliciously comply 

Cheezburger Image 9687036160


Cheezburger Image 9687036672

22. The story continues 

Cheezburger Image 9687036416
Cheezburger Image 9687037440
Cheezburger Image 9687037184
Cheezburger Image 9687037696
Cheezburger Image 9687037952
Cheezburger Image 9687038464

23. The company thanked OP and apologized 

Cheezburger Image 9687038208

24. Igor got fired finally for his wrongdoings

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25. The end 

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26. Agreeable 

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27. True that 

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I wish OP gave us a TLDR. Well, share your thoughts on this. Stay tuned for more.

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