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22 Wholesome Pics That Show Us This World Is Full Of Warmth

The world is still full of good people and kind animals who make others feel the sensation of warmth.

The world is not a bad place. There are bad people around us but that doesn’t make the whole world bad. In a world, where we listen to the bad news on the news channels every day, we start feeling a little depressed. But that is not it. Where there is bad, there is good too. We can’t generalize everyone. There are people who make you feel the sensation of warmth, who would be good to you and build a strong emotional connection with you. Today, we have a compilation that reminds us the world is still full of warmth. Scroll down to enjoy!


1. This couple is snuggling each other after the rain.

© SpearofTrium05 / Reddit

2. Meeting the newborn sister for the first time.


© open414 / Reddit

What a warm welcome!

3. These kids volunteer at the local animal shelter by reading stories to these kittens.


© Stays_Relevant / Reddit

4. Look at that beautiful smile on his face.


© Mr_Scratchwell / Reddit

5. “My dad got my mom a floral arrangement that looks like my dog for Mother’s Day!”


© madamewaffles / Reddit

He got her the best gift.

6. “He decided her toy wasn’t enough and brought his favorite over — a sock. He loves his little sister.”


© twodogsandakitty / Imgur

He loves his sister so much that he got her his favorite toy.

7. “My sister went around and asked people at RTX if she could hold them like a princess.”


© Gnarwhals / Imgur

She is doing great!

8. When you buy new shoes and leave the empty box in the house:


© bkviper / Imgur

9. Like father, like son.


© Jankness / Imgur

10. “A coworker found this cute guy waiting on her doorstep this morning.”


© Thatchg*** / Reddit

We are sure he was waiting for her to come and adopt him.

11. He showed up at our doorstep one day and we adopted him. His before and after adoption pictures:

© g***cat / Imgur

Animals are loveable. All they need is a home and kind owners who would love them unconditionally. Cats and dogs show up at the doorstep and that’s a great chance for you to adopt them. They choose you to be their owners. Trust us, they are the best to make you feel the sensation of warmth and love. When you have positivity in yourself, you should take a step and spread it around you so that the world can be a peaceful place to live. Scroll down to see more adorable photos that are overloaded with warmth.

12. “My cat tried to stop me from working so I tried working around it.”


© warm_muffins / Reddit

You can’t stop a hard worker. Can you?

13. “My best friend’s baby met her first puppy.”

© borntorun61 / Reddit

They have become friends already.

14. “From, ’We’re not sure if she’ll be able to go home,” to ’Merry First Christmas to everyone!’”


© miketheheavy / Imgur

May she live a long, happy and healthy life.

15. “My buddy works as a dog trainer. Looks like he found a new best friend.”

© Cyrusk4 / Imgur

Name a better job than this?

16. “He’s looking after his sister after she hurt her paw.”


© prinesspeach0 / Imgur

This world still has good people (doggos).

17. Big sister met her newborn brother for the first time and her face says it all.

© thetonestarr / Imgur

18. “Sleeping with a lightsaber, parenting done right.”


© JosePerezAndLeo / Imgur

That beautiful smile while he is asleep!

19. We got him a little sister.

© hawker25 / Imgur

20. “Found them like this at 5 a.m.”


© eak125 / Imgur

Where is the best father award?

21. “I’m on a trip with my parents and I found them sleeping hand in hand.”

© KNIVESY / Imgur

Love has no boundaries.

22. “Huge accomplishment, 10 days old and able to have cuddle time with mom.”


© DonGrunloh / Imgur

The best part of a woman’s life is when she finally holds her babies in her lap. Seeing your babies, holding them and giving them the sensation of warmth is the best feeling in the world. Words are not enough to explain love and warmth, they can only be felt. Have you ever experienced any moment in your life where you felt like the world is still full of warmth? If yes, comment down and share it with us.


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