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This Brutally Honest Adoption Ad About “World’s Worst Cat” Will Leave You In Splits

This company knew exactly what to do to put the grumpiest cat in the world up for adoption!

It seems like God spent an extra hour creating cats. The face structure of a dangerous lion and the behavior of a newborn human baby. Or is it? Cats demand a lot of attention, love, and affection. And they naturally make for a really good pet. The innocent face of a cat makes your heart melt in a second, even if it had scratched your cheek a minute before! But the bottom line is, not all cats are friendly and harmonious. There does exist a massive population of cats whose natural reaction is to just come at you for everything you try to do for them. They are Grumpy Cats. 


Workers at the Mitchell County Animal Rescue, a shelter-providing company for animals, had a major problem to resolve. They had to give out a grumpy cat for adoption and realized there isn’t much liking for them out there. So they came up with the perfect solution that made problem-solving easy.

4-year-old Perdita at the shelter is that grumpy cat. She came into the shelter after her owner passed away and was quickly examined for medical issues because Perdita was definitely not friendly at all. She turned out to be perfectly healthy and the reason for her weird behavior was her grumpy nature.

The shelter company created an adoption ad and they made it brutally honest. Who knew it would result in so much fame for Perdita?

More information: | Mitchell County Animal Rescue | Facebook |

“We thought she was sick, turns out she’s just a jerk.”

Not sure about the adopters, but it definitely caught the eye of the internet. The ad and Perdita both went viral and the viewers were quick to react. Mitchell County Animal Rescue realized the opportunity and gained a lot from it.

We won’t lie, Perdita is a fine-looking cat. She is a tiny, gorgeous cat with short hair. But when it comes to her expressions, her resting face is always a grumpy, angry face!

“Hooman! Honestly, stop!”


The shelter company soon followed up with a post on Facebook creating a proper ad in which they mentioned her likings and disliking and it was, perhaps unintentionally, very hilarious.

“Not for the faint-hearted!”



We know how social media reacts these days. They make the silliest of things the most viewed item on the internet within a day. Maybe the shelter company wanted to post a nice, honest ad about their grumpy cat in hope that someone would take up the adoption. They even offered the incentive of a free adoption!

The rescue inc. actually got 50+ applications for Perdita’s adoption but it turned out that the majority of the internet found the fun in it and decided to heavily exploit it! Once Perdita got famous on the internet, the shelter company followed up with another update.

Shelter company was quick to inform that Perdita is not happy with her newly found fame and is being her spicy self, like always.



We think it is a very hilarious situation that the company is in, but along with those who brought the fun out of this, many commentators saw the seriousness of the situation and talked about many beautiful experiences and suggestions regarding grumpy cats. And some just wrote really nice comments.

Someone found the perfect love partner!


One suggested it’s all about endless affection!


Perdita is definitely not the only one in the world, and this comment shows these cats have acceptance.


A grumpy hooman loves a grumpy cat.


That suggestion should definitely be in the notebooks of all grumpy cat owners!

Aww! We are melting in this ocean of love and honesty.


If you have the bravery to take it up, never leave that cat again!

More power to you Marnie!


As much as people exploited the fun side of this adoption, and we did too, it is heartwarming to see that the acceptance in society for such cats is equally up there. And I am pretty sure, Perdita would have loved to see these comments.

Here’s to Perdita! The cutest grumpy cat ever!

We really hope that Perdita gets a good owner, an owner she deserves and cares for her. It is tough to understand a grumpy one, but we believe that the endless cycle of affection can definitely help create a healthy bond between the parent and child.

We hope you liked this article. We had emotions changing throughout the compilation process, both fun and admirable. Let us know how you felt in the comment section below and always remember: Grumpy cats are cats too!


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