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12 Bosses Who Deserve To Be Featured On The Worst Bosses Contenders List Of 2022

The never-ending workplace dramas.

Every other day we get to hear more and more spicy and crazy workplaces stories, most of them about the bosses being insensitive, inconsiderate and just plain rude. This is why they’re seen in this light more often.  The usual, nothing new. It is so sad that people do not spread awareness of workplace harassment or try anything to prevent it. It has become a normal thing because the bosses hold so much authority and power over their employees that they do not raise their voices against mistreatment which they absolutely should without being hesitant. We should know that no one has the authority to rule our lives or treat us as servants no matter how powerful our boss is.


We cross a few people who were brave enough to share their worst experiences at workplaces and call out their mean bosses. They are setting a great example, they are teaching us to stand up for ourselves and not be frightened by their threatening words. A barking dog never bites. Keep on scrolling down to read those stories…

1.“My boss was beyond upset and yelled at me one day for showing up at the exact time I was scheduled. I got there exactly at 11 a.m. (the time I was supposed to be there) and she wasn’t happy about it and told me that if I valued my job, I’d come a little earlier.” © Mortuary_Angel / Reddit

“I was a dishwasher and if you haven’t been a dishwasher before it’s a lot tougher physically than it looks. My boss would moan about me not doing my job which I took as the biggest insult because when I’m at work I’m always 100%. I’m a diabetic, so I once stepped aside to check my blood sugar and when I came back he was very angrily telling me to always be working. So I quit on the spot.” © Philcollinsforehead / Reddit

“My boss set me up. Of course, I was fired. On the corporate website, I found a phone number that you could allegedly call if you had problems at work. I called and explained my situation. Their first question was, “Do you realize that you won’t be able to work here any longer?” I guess this phone number was intended to remove “untrustworthy” employees. It seems that the boss is always right.” © Podlushano / Ideer

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2. “My mom told me that she had a boss everyone would bring very important reports to. At the same time, he was into skydiving. One day he just quit and became a skydiver. All these reports were found in his office untouched and stacked in a cabinet. He’s my role model.” © purpolly / Twitter

“Today I was talking to my boss. I suggested different options for the implementation of a project I was working on, and he swept all of them aside. This lasted for 40 minutes. Eventually, my boss exclaimed:
Boss: But why? Why do you always try to make everything simpler?
Me: And what is wrong with that? You tell me what I should do then!
Boss: I have no idea! But surely it shouldn’t be as simple as you say!” © ZhoraLiberman / Pikabu

“Once my ex-boss called me and began to berate me for not preparing some papers and materials. I figured he’d dialed a wrong number, and said, “I quit 2 months ago, you’ve dialed a wrong number.” And I was really amazed at his reply, “I know but when you left you didn’t say you wouldn’t be doing this.” I guess my resignation wasn’t explanatory enough.” © Podlushano / Ideer


Oh, God. These are just awful. I will never understand why some people think just because they are the boss they can do whatever they want. They know their employee’s weakness and they cleverly use it against them, they are always quick to threaten them of getting fired because they know the helpless employee is in need of money. This is such cruelty. No one should suffer like that. It is good to find another job than to work under such a tyrant boss. There are some more stories for you down below…

3.“5 minutes to close, the owner would bring his buddies to his restaurant and make us fire up the kitchen. He did this often.” © eldude6035 / Reddit

“We had to work a lot and were very tired. Our manager decided to give us some moral support, strengthen our team spirit, and so on. He got us all together and gave us an inspirational speech about how we all should wait a bit, tense up, mobilize our inner resources, and all this nonsense. Among other things, he said that we should be like marathon runners: agile, fit, and resistant. I caught a moment when he took a pause and noted that the first marathon runner died of exhaustion after his mission had been completed. That summer I was laid off.” © SandyBoy / Pikabu

“I’m so sick and tired of my boss. I’ve been working in this company for a short time and was hired after a rigorous selection process. During the first month, she gossiped that I was the Managing Director’s protégé. When she found out that I was no one’s appointee, she changed her tactics for psychological pressure. Yesterday they explained to me that she wanted to hire her good friend for this position.” © Podslushano / Ideer


4. “I had a boss who would keep a bunch of resumes under her desk and whenever people asked for a raise or days off she would show the resumes saying, ‘These people are all eager to work if you’re not happy with your job I can get someone else here tomorrow.”  © jupitcall / Reddit

“I have 4 bosses. This week, I went to one manager and said I had too much work and couldn’t do it alone, so I needed some help. My manager is a thoughtful person, he looked into my problem, scratched his head, wrinkled his forehead, and said that he’d find a solution. Today, they appointed a fifth boss for me.” © Dubas11 / Pikabu

“My manager called me and said:
— We have news for you. You’ll have to do this and this. If you can’t manage to do it during your working hours, you will have to do it from home at night. If anything, I’ll give you a day off on the following day.
— Will you pay me extra for this?
— No, you’ll get a day off.
I had to work until 5 a.m. the other night. At 8 a.m. I received a phone call:
— Where are you? We’ve been waiting for you, we have a meeting in an hour, and you’ll have to write an explanatory report for being late.”  © hskk / Pikabu


I do not have enough words to describe how much these kinds of workplace stories really infuriate me, I feel so bad for everyone who had to experience this. What are your opinions on this? Tell us in the comments down below…


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