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30 Women Share Their Worst First Date Experiences In This Twitter Thread

I hope you are ready to be disappointed by men. Once again.

We all know that dating is not as easy and fun as it may seem. It is full of complications and it is stressful. It is actually an endless source of various emotions. Dating is like being on a rollercoaster, there are ups and downs, there are laughs and there are cries. It can be a lovely experience or it can be such a weird experience that you would wish to never see that person again in your life. Worst case scenario, you might even end up hating the idea of dating. We all have experienced different situations when it comes to dating. We all have been there. We get attracted to someone or the other person persuades us into going on a date with them. We talk for a while and then we finally meet. Everything goes smoothly until we meet them in real life. That is when they show us their true colours, they either turn out to be the man of our dreams or out of nowhere they do something super weird and creepy which manages to make everything unbearably awkward.


This one Twitter user started a hilarious thread by asking “what’s the smallest reason u dubbed a man?” And then hundreds of people started sharing their worst first date experiences that are either very funny or super scary. It can be a good lesson for every girl out there, it can spread awareness so do give it a read. Keep on scrolling down to learn about the red flags in men when it comes to dating…

1. Nothing wrong with mayonnaise but…uh, every piece of food?

Image Credit: sgeez

2. Some people do not have manners and it shows.


Image Credit: CouldYouNot10

3. The first impression is the last impression and that does not sound like a good first impression. Very unpleasant.


Image Credit: Meanie_McFeeny

4. I am really curious to know what was actually the deal-breaker for you? The visit to strip club on the date or his cheapness?


Image Credit: PlentyBeauti

5. He probably prefers walking comfortably more than sleeping comfortably.


Image Credit: leesie_bby

6. That must be so awkward.


Image Credit: a_motherfirst

7. Now, that is giving major psychopath vibes. You should block him and move on. He is bad news.


Image Credit: yosub

8. Uh, oh…You better run home as fast you can.


Image Credit: alesiavsworld

9. Oh, God. I am feeling secondhand embarrassment.


Image Credit: sharamy

10. Aww, the poor guy must be nervous because there is no way he actually said that in the right state of mind.


Image Credit: bobbiegillette

11. Reading this really made me sick in the stomach. Sneakers with no socks was a big enough red flag but playing with his dirty, sweaty toes…Just bye.

Image Credit: Zuhleeyaahh

12. He really starved himself for hours before dropping you off just so he can eat alone. This is actually funny.


Image Credit: SlayedByYonce

13. I can imagine how awkward and confused you would have been at that moment.

Image Credit: CieraChanel_

14. It must have taken him a month or two to gather these many clothes in a pile. The room must be raking with the smell of all those months-old dirty clothes. Disgusting.


Image Credit: que_teena

15. If it was me in your place, I would not be able to control my laughter whenever he spoke a words like these.

Image Credit: __ssfst

Well, it shows why this Twitter thread went so viral within hours. It received so much support from hundreds of Twitter users. They all shared their worst first date experiences to spread awareness and to have a laugh among others who experienced the same thing. It is really very saddening and super disappointing to know that these girls actually experienced such a horrible thing in their lives. No one should be disrespected like that. Some of these stories are so disgusting, it is hard to believe such creepy and weird men actually exist in this world. I hope you all stay safe and do not tolerate these kinds of behavior on your first dates. Keep on scrolling down to read more of these stories…

16. First of all, ew. Second of all, eww!


Image Credit: gracefrmspace

17. You should have taken it as a compliment, the guy was indirectly calling you a wifey material. Although I can imagine how weird it must have been to hear that from a guy you met five minutes ago.

Image Credit: ranzaaxxo

18. Oh, I hate this so much. This is the most disrespectful thing you can do to someone, especially when you are on a date with someone.


Image Credit: _1mxnaa

19. How pathetic! The guy must be thinking he sounds cool and romantic. I hope you left him right then and there after he said that.

Image Credit: katieebitt

20. All I see are red flags. It is always the guys who say they have never been with any woman or even if they actually mean it truthfully, it still does not matter. It is a red flag either way.


Image Credit: TheUSSKimberly

21. I have to admit that I am definitely a spelling snob and I can imagine how annoyed you would have been by reading those texts several times.

Image Credit: ONYXWHITE

22. This is totally unacceptable. The biggest red flag ever.


Image Credit: angellwestcoast

23. That is weird. That is super creepy.

Image Credit: 1989swagg

24. He had the audacity to say that to you. How rude! I hope you spilled that drink on his face.

Image Credit: Thotful_Musings

25. There are such weird kinds of people in the world. I would not know whether to laugh or feel sympathetic for him.

Image Credit: witha_u

26. This is just so rude, I can not stress this enough. Girls, you should know better than to tolerate this kind of behavior from men.

Image Credit: TyffiBoo

27. I am sure that guy clearly never went to school or he bunked English classes.


Image Credit: thewifiwifey

28. This is really hilarious. Perceptive is probably a big word for him. How disappointing.

Image Credit: MsBambiLaBelle

29. I am laughing hysterically at this, the fact that she ordered vodka right after. Just wow. I can imagine the guy’s expressions and it is making me laugh even more.


Image Credit: ShesInTheBlack

30. This is actually a very disturbing and scary thing to hear from a guy you just met. I am glad you realized the red flags and left quickly.

Image Credit: Thatmediachic

I am shocked to hear so many weird stories like these. I feel bad for each and every girl who had such horrendous first date experiences. You all deserve to be treated like the princesses that you are. Have you experienced anything similar to these stories? How was your first date? Share your stories in the comments down below…


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