Get Ready To Absorb All Of This Cuteness Through These 18 Cat Pics

Get ready for a lot of cuteness to be injected into your hearts.

Cats. What comes to your mind when you hear this word? I personally think of bliss, joy, entertainment, love, care, happiness, and all the positive words I can possibly think of. But that’s only one side of the story. There are always two sides and in a fact’s case, both sides are a fact. The second side is filled with independence, bravery, fierceness, curiosity, and anger. See a person who doesn’t like cats or doesn’t know much about them would think I am talking about two different animals when I mentioned the two separate classes of traits. This blend just doesn’t make sense. How can a caring, tiny, and soft creature be so fierce and independent? That’s who cats are this personality is exactly why cat lovers love them so much.

If we start talking about cats and work our way through every personality trait they possess, we could be here for months and the post still wouldn’t finish, so ideally we should go for one trait at a time. And today we will be exploring the factor of cuteness.

Along with the love, cats bring a lot of cuteness with them. This cuteness can be divided into two parts. It comes from the things they do, and the way they look. There is no doubt about the fact that there is no other animal cuter than a cat. I don’t know how they do it but for some reason all of them, no matter at what age or of what breed, look the cutest. And then it’s the things they do. Trust me, 90% of those activities that result in them being cute are either unintentional or are an act of failure.

Time to sit back, grab some snacks and enjoy these cats being their cute selves.

1. “I met Criminal a month ago when I walked out of the shower at 4 am and found her in my apartment. She was living in the woods behind my building and very scared of humans. I slowly built trust to coax her indoors, and now she is an extremely aggressive cuddler who will not leave my side.”

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2. “My own little house elf”


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3. “The black cat is a neighborhood cat we’ve been feeding, and it brought a friend this morning”



4. “They are the new hottest band in town and this is their album cover. What should they name their album?”


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5. “Meet Owsley “Cheddar” Stanley. He hitched a ride underneath my car from a facility I work at sixty miles away!! I discovered him the next day, still hiding out under my car, and lured him out with some cheese…. and oh yeah, he was found on my birthday.”


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6. “Had to get surgery this morning. And these three won’t leave my side. Best nurses I could ask for”


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7. “Little guy loves to play with bras”


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8. “Rosie is sterile. This was her reaction to a kitten found in the street.”


Via u/Hypattie

9. “My dates tonight”


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Do you know where would we be without cats because I don’t? I can bet my butt this planet and the humans living on it wouldn’t have been able to survive this long. Just imagine, countries want to remove each other’s existence (you know what I am talking about), global warming is going to end the very existence of this planet, negative externalities are making it very difficult for developing countries to survive, and then the local issues of corruption, terrible leaders, and political instabilities, I can go on and on. The thing is, and I am sure you will agree with me, we all require a massive break from all of this. This is not okay, we need a breather. And I am glad at least the cats are doing everything in their power to allow us to breathe and to divert our attention from the stressful daily routine,

And this is why I cherish cats and will continue to cherish them forever. I am super grateful for the cute moments they provide us with. Scroll down to continue!

10. Give it the treats or this ghost will get very angry…in a cute way.


Via u/HelMort

11. “22 and still going strong” We love a healthy senior cat.

Via u/PostnataleAbtreibung

12. “The cutest little pink nose and tufty ears that you ever did see!”


Via u/888temeraire888

13. “I bought a heating pad today.”

Via u/StruggleSnuggled

14. “Bodega cat guarding the store”


Via u/Alphalarge

15. “Yesterday my neighbor helped me change the light bulbs in my car. This is him checking if everything is installed correctly.”

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16. “At the end of the rainbow.”


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17. Dexter and Sasha sleep in the exact same way.

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18. “This is how he greets the guests” Too much glamor!


Via u/ThePandaArmyGeneral

I really hope you guys enjoyed this beautiful compilation of cat pictures. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about these cute creatures in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more cat goodness!

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Cat tax.

“I just wanted to share my new family member I adopted yesterday, the only “child” I’ll ever have. It’s incredible how much love you can get from an animal. We love him!”


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