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14 Accidental Jokes That Are Hard To Believe They Were Just A Mistake

14 Accidental Jokes That Are Hard To Believe They Were Just A Mistake

Some people make hilarious mistakes in their slogans, advertisements and billboards.

Sometimes you find hilarity in serious things. You’ll be walking down the road and would see a billboard that would make you laugh like crazy. We are humans and we make mistakes but mistakes can be done right. Seems like some people do not check their marketing slogans before getting them printed on the billboard. We have seen a hilarious McDonald’s billboard, a traffic sign board and hilarious emails. They were not intentional but seems like they were not a mistake. These people must have been saying “I like my puns intended” after making such mistakes. Today, we have compiled 14 of them and we are sure they would make you laugh hard. Scroll down to enjoy these hilarious mistakes.

1. If this is how you top your subway, you are blocked:

Via u/Magic_Al42

2. What was in the writer’s mind when he/she was writing this article?


Via u/the_Ham1et

We have to read this article to know what was going on in his/her mind.

3. What were they actually trying to say?


Via u/PromiseJust95

Mask up Utah or Mask U Putah? Tell us if you know!

4. My A*s opens at 6 am.


Via r/theyknew

People should read twice before printing a billboard.

5. Trust me, these handle huggers are worth buying.


Via u/original_af_

They are multi-purpose and would keep things hot.

6. Two S’s would have been better. Now it looks like a joke.


Via u/dredwerker

7. When your professor knows your issues more than you:


Via u/dalai_lara

I bet, he was also scared for a second. That’s why he sent the second e-mail. Some people realize their mistakes but not everyone is like this professor. Accidental jokes are the funniest and we enjoy them the most. These jokes can capture anyone’s attention. Well, some jokes are double meaning and our dirty minds cannot ignore them. Innocent ones would not get them but we get them instantly. This is not it, we have more, scroll down for these dirty jokes.

8. Milf fitness in progress:


Via u/skolgang

We are sure, the bad bois did it intentionally.

9. Please, change your child’s name. It does not sound good when we spell it backward.


Via u/Aris-Totally

10. Admin has been playing with Michael Jackson’s Instagram:


Via u/EnzoGourlami

11. Same bro, we read the hashtag wrong too.

Via u/cakemydayz

12. It was not accidental. The artist did it on purpose.


Via u/Magic_Al42

13. Oh no, someone made a hilarious mistake:

Via u/jeanheff

I hate books but I would love to read this one.

14. Drive carefully, there is a German school ahead:


Via u/coolpiggie

We hope you loved going through this post. If you did, let us know in the comments down below which of these memes made you laugh the most.


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