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10 Hilariously Accurate Tweets About Parenting

It is possible that the experience of being a parent will be among the most fulfilling of your life. You have the power to influence and educate another human being. Then you get to witness them grow and develop into a fully-fledged man or woman who is a contributing part of society. In these formative years, there are several priceless memories, poignant moments in time, and even terrible gaffes that are worth remembering later in life. Things that children say or ask that we adults find amusing can provide hours of enjoyment for us grownups. It doesn’t matter if they’re chit-chatting about life or responding with violent clap-backs; they always manage to make us laugh and appreciate the little things in life.


Children are generally brutally honest, but every now and then, they may surprise you by saying something quite endearing to you. The rest of your life will never be the same after having kids. Through nappies and midnight feedings through walking, school, discipline, sports, teasing, sibling rivalry, education, and more, parents discover that there was a lot more to be concerned about—and a lot more to be happy about.

In the event that you are a parent, you will undoubtedly comprehend what it is like to feel as if there are never enough hours in the day, and you will most likely notice the grey hairs beginning to appear on your head amid every disagreement between your kiddos. Whether your toddler is playing with the remote controller while you work or, going to a supermarket and throwing everything on the floor, whether your youngster can narrate the plot of every movie without even being able to read. Children are the most hilariously strange species in the world. With their little but fast, hyper-functioning brains, you can never be able to guess what their next move is going to be. Whether they are about to throw a tantrum in a public gathering or about to pick their nose. There is no knowing what your child’s next move is going to be. However, even amid all the chaos, there is always room for a sense of levity, as seen by this week’s collection of the funniest parenting tweets, which were written by some of the most amusing parents on the social media platform.

1. That is one independent female!

via MommyCocktail

2. Kids have the weirdest timing.

via Smooheed

3. What if one of them would’ve said yes?!

via simoncholland

4. You either have a kid who wants to talk all day or a kid who stays quiet all the time. There is definitely no in between!

via sweetmomissa

5. That sounds fun…

via sarcasticmommy4

6. Imagine them doing this in public!

via Wordesse

7. Why are kids so picky?  All. The. Time?!

via kevinthedad

 8. Get five more!

via Chhapiness

9. That is the most accurate description of an adult!


10. This kid definitely watches a lot of shows!

via meantomyself

It’s not an easy job being a parent. When we have children, we have the delight and satisfaction of helping to mold a young life around the principles we hold most dear while simultaneously being challenged by our own preconceived notions about ourselves and the world. Children’s stories show us how much they have an impact on our lives in both humorous and profound ways. Your life may appear to be in perpetual disarray, but this is not the case. However insane things may seem, remember that becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest accomplishments, even if it means sacrificing some sleep and consuming an excessive amount of caffeinated beverages. Do you have any hilarious stories about something your kid did? Feel free to share with us!


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