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12 Actors Who Nailed Their Iconic Roles So Perfectly You Cannot Recognize Them In Other Movies

An actor’s fame will always be associated with that one role they nailed so perfectly.

Many actors and actresses perform multiple roles in multiple movies to do two things, one is to diversify their portfolio, you know to get their leg in everything they can to get the recognition they dream of. And the second reason is to basically become a movie star. Now, normally it is said the more work you do, the better chances you have of clicking it and going crazy in the industry.


But you will see a movie star will always be recognized for that one iconic role they nailed so perfectly. Now, this does make that actor a huge movie star but it must be known it makes it really hard for those stars to shine in other movies because they are always recognized and known for that one role they did.

Take Iron Man, for instance, you will always associate Robert Downey Jr. with that role. The same is with the actors who have taken on the role of the infamous James Bond.

Today we are going to look at these 12 iconic actors who are only known for that one amazing role they did.

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1. Freddie Highmore didn’t let Johnny Depp overshadow him as he gave an amazing performance in Finding Neverland as well as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

These two roles sort of defined the actor. The actor was also featured in a movie called Bates Motel but nobody really recognized him because of his different, unique look.

Source: © Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / Warner Bros. and co-producers© Bates Motel / American Genre Film Archive and co-producers

2. The shaved look of James McAvoy in the movie X-Men left such an impression on the viewers’ minds that many didn’t recognize that he was in the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.


Source: © The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producer© X-Men: Apocalypse / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

3. Picture on the right of Logan Lerman from the movie Percy Jackson. Go back 9 years in time and you will see it was the same actor in the movie The Butterfly Effect.


Source: © The Butterfly Effect / BenderSpink and co-producers© Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters / Fox 2000 Pictures and co-producers

4. We all remember Christopher Lloyd for his amazing work as Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future movies. The bald Uncle Lucas with heavy dark circles under his eyes you see in The Addams Family is actually that same actor.


Source: © The Addams Family / Orion Pictures and co-producers© Back to the Future / Universal Pictures and co-producers

5. Henry Thomas played the role of a 9-year-old who became friends with an alien in The Haunting of Hill House. It’s the same actor who played the role of High Crain, a house salesman who experiences paranormal activities in a mansion.


Source: © E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial / Universal Pictures and co-producer© The Haunting of Hill House / FlanaganFilm and co-producers

One key role and look where it takes you. It’s posts like this that actually make you realize “Oh! It’s that actor!” and I am glad we can provide you with such content. It’s the wow factor we are always hunting.

Let’s look at some more pictures of actors you did know were part of famous movies because their best performance is the only source you recognize them from.

6. Joseph Mazzello amazingly executed the role of John Deacon in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. I don’t think many people know he was also part of the Jurassic Park movie a long time ago.


Source: © Jurassic Park / Universal Pictures and co-producer© Bohemian Rhapsody / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

7. Max Thieriot back when he was only 16 appeared in The Pacifier as a troublemaker. In Bates Motel, Norman’s half-brother’s role, Dylan Massett, was also played by Max.


Source: © The Pacifier / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producer© Bates Motel / American Genre Film Archive and co-producers

8. Due to her heavy makeup to execute the role of the youngest Sanderson sister in Hocus Pocus, not many realize the same actress was part of Disney’s Sex and the City.


Source: © Hocus Pocus / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producer© Sex and the City 2 / New Line Cinema and co-producers

9. Andrew Lincoln gave a great performance as Mark in “Love Actually”. He also starred in “The Walking Dead” as Sheriff Rick Grimes and not many people know about this.


Source: © Love Actually / Universal Pictures and co-producers© The Walking Dead / American Movie Classics (AMC) and co-producers

10. Elle Fanning has been seen giving a good performance in movies like Super 8 and Maleficent. I don’t know if you know but she is that same little blonde girl who called her mother on a cell phone during that moment of chaos in the nursery.


Source: © Daddy Day Care / Revolution Studios and co-producers© The Roads Not Taken / Adventure Pictures and co-producers

11. Pam Ferris showed how to truly be evil both as Matilda’s principal and as Marge Dursley in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Source: © Matilda / TriStar Pictures and co-producer© Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban / Warner Bros. and co-producers

12. Lisa Edelstein got famous for her amazing performance as Dr. Lisa Cuddy in the show House M.D. She was also seen in the movie Daddy Day Care as Crispin’s mother but not many know about that performance of hers.


Source: © Daddy Day Care / Revolution Studios and co-producers© House M.D. / Heel & Toe Films and co-producers

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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