50 Adorable Pictures Of Bodega Cats Chilling In Shops Like They Work There

Cats can get in anywhere.

I wouldn’t believe this statement if I didn’t have a cat myself. But I do think that cats can get into the weirdest places and they always leave you wondering how they even got there. it is as if they can turn into liquid at command and choose to do so when they need to slip by other people. because believe it or not, people don’t usually hire cats as employees at small shops or what is known as bodegas.

I am sure you have seen cats getting into shops and trying to steal a packet of crisps before. Whether they can actually open the packet without opposable thumbs is debatable but they sure try their hardest. Sometimes they will simply lay down in the middle of the counter while other times you can only find them if you actually try your best to look for them. The reason they usually do this is that they are looking for a safe place to nap or they want to interact with a few people who will give them cuddles.

Well, there is a twitter account that posts pictures of cats caught on camera while just chilling in small shops. Now, I didn’t know I wanted this but I clearly needed this in my life. And you can see these adorable pictures for yourself by scrolling below.

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#1 I think this kitty might have had a little too much catnip.


#2 Now, this is the sort of chair I want to relax on.


#3 When you are trying to eavesdrop on your neighbors.


#4 Who knew Doritos make such good pillows?


#5 If I saw this while getting sour patch kids, I would be scared.


#6 Apparently, some cats like broccoli.


#7 This cat does not like the machine calling him fat.

#8 I would definitely get a manicure because of this cat.


#9 Does the pillow come with the cat?

#10 Nobody even uses payphones nowadays but I would.


#11 She wants this person to take her home.

#12 Okay, this is just adorable.


#13 The bank should hire this cat as their mascot.

#14 I would not recommend watering this ginger cat plant.


#15 We have Tom and Jerry in real life right here.

#16 This pirate cat wants cuddles.


#17 You have to pay extra to pet the cat.

#18 This sneaky kitty just wants to have some fish.


#19 Every shop should have a cat.

#20 With every coke bottle, you get a free cat.


#21 All the vitamins I need can be fulfilled by petting this kitty.

#22 Rules are for breaking.


#23 They are just looking down at us.

#24 That does look like southern comfort to me.


#25 Cats do not care about the law.

#26 This ATM gives free cat pets with every transaction.


#27 The product is telling us all we need to know.

#28 Swipe your card and get to cuddle with a cat.


#29 ‘Can you take me home?’

#30 I guess they couldn’t find a box near cat food.


#31 This cat was clearly sent from heaven.

#32 Can I get this particular six-pack?


#33 ‘Please do not sit on this chair, It belongs to the cat.’

#34 I might just pass away because of cuteness overload.


#35 We all know cats will sleep anywhere but in their beds.

#36 The cat is just trying to keep the eggs warm.


#37 This floofy boy just wants cuddles.

#38 Everyone needs a few stretches once in a while.


#39 This kitty was probably sleeping on the bread before.

#40 Atleast the cat isn’t stuck in the fridge.


#41 ‘You can’t see me, hooman.’

#42 This cat clearly likes cup noodles.

#43 This kitty wants this person to take her home with all the groceries.

#44 ‘I wasn’t doing anything!’

#45 ‘No, you cannot use the trashcan.’

#46 He looks like he got caught doing something secretive.

#47 To be fair, cats do like fish so it makes sense.

#48 He might be exposing his stomach but I wouldn’t recommend touching it.

#49 Loaves of bread are very comfortable to lie on.

#50 Cats always manage to find the perfect place where sunlight is coming in.

Did these adorable cat pictures manage to put a smile on your face? If so, which one was your favorite? And have you ever found a cat in a bodega? Comment down below to let us know. And don’t forget to share these pictures with your friends so they can start their day off right as well.


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