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21 Animal Selfies That Are Much Better Than Human Selfies

Whatever humans do, animals can do it better.

That is a universal truth. Animals can put all of our activities and achievements to shame because they can easily top it. With their adorableness, they can accomplish anything. Sometimes they do things without even having knowledge of it and they completely nail it. Take these animal selfies for example. We all know they aren’t exactly “selfies” but they look exactly like them. These beautiful cats and dogs can put any Instagram model to shame. Maybe these fur babies should have their own Instagram accounts too. I’m sure they will gather a lot of fan following. I know I will be one of those to follow. Who would pass up the opportunity to look at cats and dogs modelling? We sure are lucky to be living in this day and age.


So since animals are much better at taking selfies than humans, we collected a few of their selfies to prove our statement right. It is not just an opinion and you will agree with us after seeing the pictures by scrolling down below:

1. Waffle likes to practice her “serious” pose.

Image credits: Aksidents

2. This picture is pure chaos.


Image credits: pI2upp888

3. This angle looks good on him.


Image credits: jameshworm

4. They’re going to be best buddies forever.


Image credits: FunnyLand

5. Following the trend of taking selfies with your tongue out!


Image credits: Katias1

6. Vacation time. Letting out the craziness!


Image credits: JacquesStefano

7. I woke up like this.


Image credits: DemonPan1

8. The most boop-able nose ever.


Image credits: worriedwhippet

9. Leia filming how she brushes her fur for her vlog.


Image credits: anju_beaute_paris

10. This is slightly creepy.


Image credits: danaperino

Okay, the selfie game of these pets is much stronger than mine. I wish I was this photogenic! They aren’t even trying and they look so good. Maybe this is what is so amazing about animal selfies. They aren’t trying too hard, unlike us humans. They are likeable without putting any effort into their looks. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from animals. Scroll down below to see more animal selfies:

11. Time for a group selfie.

Image credits: buldogue_chico

12. Taking a selfie from down below.


Image credits: islandnc16

13. Love the outfit.

Image credits: soypepitarules

14. Need to fit my whole body in this picture.


Image credits: aripanzer

15. Accidentally opening the front camera and still looking gorgeous.

Image credits: roxy.irsk.setter

16. Rushing for that golden hour selfie.


Image credits:

17. Manny the Selfie Cat actually went viral for this amazing selfie.

Image credits: yoremahm

18. This cat has such mesmerising eyes.


Image credits: toulousesworld

19. I must give this doggo belly rubs.

Image credits: toulousesworld

20. He doesn’t smile for the camera.


Image credits: rogerandrussell

21. The colour of this cat’s fur is amazing.

Image credits: gatosnoap

Which one was your favourite? Share your opinions with us in the comments below.


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