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50 Adorable Animal Twins From Different Species That Are Too Cute To Handle

Do animals have twins?

The question is valid and everyone has been thinking about it. Well, animals do not have twins but some animal species look exactly like the other animal species that make us ask ourselves “are they twins?” No, they are not twins. They are not brothers or sisters. They do not share the same species but the unbelievable similarities in their features make these entirely different species look like twin brothers. Imagine having a bunny and one day, you go to a shelter and see a cat that looks exactly like your bunny. Would not that surprise you? Today, we have brought a list of 50 adorable animal twins from different species that are too cute to handle. So, grab a bag of chips and get ready for the fun. Scroll down and enjoy!


Source: Reddit

#1 Sad cat

AnimalFriends explains why having pets is such a good thing.

All breeds of dog need regular, daily walks in order to stay happy and healthy, and so do we! However, we sometimes have the tendency to get a bit lazy – if that sounds like you, a dog is the perfect cure! They’ll be dragging you out the front door and making you run around the park each and every day. Yes, a dog is possibly the best personal trainer you could ask for.

#2 Orange, black and white


#3 Dalmatians


#4 Bunnies


#5 Ponies


#6 Horses


#7 Deer


#8 More horses


If you live by yourself, or your partner works different shift patterns to you, it can get awfully lonely at home – unless you have a pet, of course! Cats and dogs make great companions – they’ll always be waiting for you to come home and they’ll be happy to lend an ear should you want to moan about the awful day you’ve had. Plus, most of the time, they’re up for a snuggle on the sofa.

#9 Pugs


#10 Mice


#11 Cuddles

#12 Stares


#13 Some more horses

#14 There’s a lot of horse similarity


#15 That’s a goat

Modern life is stressful and high levels of anxiety can lead to numerous health problems. Luckily, pets can really help us relax – stroking your cat or simply watching fish swim around in a tank can make your worries melt away. Previous studies have proven that pet owners tend to have lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels than people who don’t own a pet. That means having a furry pal can decrease the chances of suffering a heart attack later in life.

#16 Sleeping together


#17 Grassy buns

#18 Wolves


#19 Many spots

#20 Sleeping with pigs


#21 Holding a gaze

#22 Look right


#23 Playful chasing

Pets spend a lot of their time outside and therefore bring all sorts of dirt and germs into your home. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though – the additional germs can help improve your immunity to colds and other mild illnesses. In fact, previous studies have shown that babies who live with a dog tend to experience fewer infections and are generally healthier than those who don’t.

#24 They’ve got a white chest

#25 A dog and a pig

#26 Cow chase


#27 Grey cats and grey dogs


#28 Snow white

#29 Hello, cow!


While it’s no guarantee that owning a pet will stop your children from developing certain allergies, the evidence suggests the dander in their fur may help. However, it’s worth noting that you should never own a cat or dog if you are allergic to them – you won’t suddenly become immune!

#30 Brother from Another Mother

#31 Black cat

#32 Snoot boop


#33 Cones of shame

#34 Black on white

#35 Kiss


#36 Leash

Every parent has heard the question ‘Can I have a pony/puppy/hamster?’ at some point in their child’s life. It’s no secret that kids love animals, and if they’re old enough, having one as a pet can actually teach them a lot of important skills. Not only will they learn the practical skills required to own a pet, such as cleaning out the cage, grooming and teaching tricks; they’ll also develop their nurturing and empathy skills, which are vital in later life.

#37 Panting

#38 Fluff


#39 They stare into your soul

#40 Is that a donkey?

#41 Smooches


#42 Protective

Children with autism and similar learning disorders often find it difficult talking to fellow human beings, but they have no problem at all with chatting away to friendly animals. After all, your pets can’t answer back and will always keep your secrets!

#43 Twins

#44 Curled up


#45 Cows

#46 Woolly

#47 Black and white


#48 The outdoor three.

#49 Albinos

#50 They look like estanged brothers

What about you? Are your pets brothers from different mothers? Tell us down in the comments below!


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