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14 Photos Of Beautiful Cats Taken By Their Owners That Perfectly Exhibit Renaissance Art

14 Photos Of Beautiful Cats That Perfectly Exhibit Renaissance Art

Renaissance art is the painting, sculpture or art of the period of European history.

Renaissance art focuses on human beauty and nature. And what can be more beautiful than cats? As you all know we are obsessed with cats so we look for renaissance art in cats. It is not just us who see renaissance art in cats but there are many cat owners who took photos of their cats and were surprised by the results. They never knew that a random photo that they took of their cat can be a piece of art. Some cats are just too beautiful and they are no less than art. So, here we are, trying to appreciate the beauty of these cats. We have compiled 14 amazing photos of adorable cats taken by their owners that perfectly exhibit renaissance art. So, scroll down and enjoy!

1. When your cat is trying to steal cheese but gets caught:


Source: Loptimist

2. She is a black cat with charisma:


Source: Mellowdious_

3. Habsburg family:


Source: killerbunnyfamily

They have made such a cute family. The little ones are adorable.

4. “Family of strays moved in with us”


Source: caipirina

Why does it look like a painting? If you are thinking the same, let us tell you, it is not. It is a photo of a real cat family.

5. “et Ascendit Cattus”


Source: Kubrick_Fan

After looking at this photo, we really wish to know what he was chasing.

6. Meet Amber, a beautiful cat.


Source: sribowsky

The owner should get her pearl earrings or a pearl necklace. It would compliment her look.

7. When you are the team leader and call your team for a meeting:

Source: Trumpologist

Cat: Listen to me carefully, today’s mission is to go to strangers’ houses and ruin their things.

These kitties are beautiful and equally entertaining. Some of them literally look like a piece of art and we doubt our eyes. They should be printed and put up for sale. We hope you liked these amazing cats. We have more, scroll down to see the beauty.

8. Blepping on the way:


Source:  Kuma_Paws_376

I wonder how did she get in there and why did she get in there? Was she catching a mouse? We wanna know!

9. Sunlight hitting this cutie:

Source: facebook

10. “Quiet contemplation of universal truths”


Source: Infuriated

What a great photo! We are sure she was unaware of the fact that her photo was being taken.

11. These two are so lucky to sleep in the most beautiful place!

Source: Adenosinebrain

Seems like they are living their best life in heaven!

12. Meet Fina, the cutest kitty.


Source: HildeVandela

13. When your best friend is your cat:

The kitty looks so calm as if she has

14. Icarus and her sun:


Source: sweetoklahome

The owner has not edited this photo. The photo is taken only in portrait mode. We hope this compilation has made you smile. Let us know in the comment section which of these beautiful cats are your favorite.


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