20 Animals Being Derpy And Cute At The Same Time

These animals evolved into their derpiest as well as cutest forms.

Animals possess a very important talent. Not many can say they can be naughty while still being cute but animals can. If you have a pet cat, you would know the way it changes moods at least 1000 times a day. One time the cat would be up for snuggles, looking lovely and all. And at another time, you will see that same exact cat breaking your smashing 65′ SmartTV that you just purchased because it saw its own reflection in the screen and didn’t like it as there can only be one queen. And this trend of shifting between cute and derpy, and exhibiting both qualities at the same time, can be seen across all pets. They love doing it and we are always going to enjoy seeing them do it.


Today, as you guys may have already guessed, the agenda is simple. We are going to enjoy our animals unlocking a new level of being derpy and cute. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. This cat hit glory as it tasted the most delicious milk ever.

Via Buchabricks / Reddit

2. This cat has a habit of standing up as soon as it hears bell noises.

Does it stand up when you make fake bell noises?


Via Flbudskis / Reddit

3. He got stuck in a knot and got still in this position, but didn’t call for help because that would’ve hurt his ego.


Via NPT1506 / Reddit

4. He steals chips like a professional but this day he got a bit aggressive and got stuck in it.


Via Boing26 / Reddit

5. The derpy dog was seen like this just 3 days after his adoption.


Via KwallieC / Reddit

6. He knows when people are watching him, he transforms into a gentleman.


Via tadlrs / Reddit

7. Achievement unlocked.


Via Murdoc2D96 / Reddit

8. If the term “derps” was a picture.


Via follysurfer / Reddit

9. What is this unique force I feel on the top of my head?


Via OysterDoll / Reddit

10. Can you tell how much love the big cat, Winston, is in with the small kitty?


Via buttonupshorts / Reddit

I swear they all look so cute and I am sure their intention in all these pictures is not to. How do they do it? We do not know. What we know is that such moments don’t get created every day so we cherish them and enjoy them to the fullest. Maybe our derps behave like this for the happiness of their loved ones. Who knows?

11. The two siblings, as usual, are fighting for the front seat.

Via JazzyyWolf / Reddit

12. This cat took pro revenge on its parents for delaying its dinner by ripping the new bag of bagels and taking a bite out of every single bagel.


Via sufficiently_sp00ked / Reddit

13. This dog always dreamt of being an elephant and when he tried to become one, he didn’t quite like it.

Via ThirdThreshold / Reddit

14. The cat’s Dad left the latter outside after installing a light. The cat being a derp decided to climb up in order to investigate what is up there, only to realize it doesn’t know how to get down.


Via beelz95 / Reddit

15. He saw bubbles and it made him feel joyous.

Via MarvelousFizz / Reddit

16. As the owner waits on his launch, this doggo waits on his owner.


Via noneofthismatters666 / Reddit

17. Pancho is a master at posing for pictures.

Via Imfunsize_mhm / Reddit

18. Don’t get worried, Millie is just telling her owners someone is at the door.


Via Barfsack / Reddit

19. Went for a nice walk, stayed active throughout, and then dropped right in front of the house so it has to be carried inside. What a derp!

Via armance83 / Reddit

20. This is where the cat goes when decides to protest against the family.


Via filochick05 / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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