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20 Extremely Adorable Pics Will Brighten Up Your Dim Day

Happy pictures can heal everything and everyone.

Let’s be real here. The majority of us are not happy with where our planet is headed. Things haven’t been too fun lately. Stress levels are at an all-time high, productivity levels are being impacted, there is no space for leisure activities. Thanks to the global pandemic, COVID-19, although it has dropped to a very low level now, the new normals that it has introduced have changed our lives forever and I am not sure everyone is a fan of this change. Everyone is in desperate need of a stress-free environment and something to cheer us all up. Dark days really can take a huge toll on the one going through them. Now, we believe there is something that can help us cope with the terrors of the world. In fact, this technique is so good that it can brighten up anyone’s dark days.

If there’s anything that can help us cope with our dark days, it is wholesome pictures. Wholesome pictures tend to channel so much positivity and hope into us that we start looking at life from a whole new viewpoint. These pictures are very adorable and are bound to remove anyone’s stress if they are in such a condition.

The pictures included those of people and animals and you know this very well that when animals get involved, there is no way to wipe that smile off of your faces. Get ready for some amazing moments.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. When you are too shy to make eye contact with them but can certainly feel a spark igniting within yourself.

Come on, sweetheart. You can do it, look at him, he is the one.

Via beabetterperson / imgur

2. This pupper has different colored toe beans for his left and right toes, this is the most adorable thing ever.


Imagine this pup going to the school, he would be the cool kid

Via Instagram

3. This kitchen has its shell wrapped around its head like a helmet. Looks like it is ready to go to war to protect its family.


Via xIKommanderIx / reddit

4. Did you know those tiny limbs down there aren’t actually tiny. In fact, owls have very long legs.


Haven’t really gotten a chance to lift that coat up because I am too scared of them but wow, this is new information.

Via GallowBoob / reddit

5. This Shiba Inu never learned how to not smile. That’s what everyone on this planet should be like.


We need to take lessons from animals on how to keep smiling through every phase in life, even hardships.

Via Instagram

6. They just look so happy to be in the position they are right now. How can I tell? From their smiles.


Looks like parenting caused no trouble to these parents and they are very proud of their babies for that.

Via mwasbabu16 / reddit

7. Love is the most powerful and the most diverse force to exist on this planet, as can be seen from this lovely bond between these farm best friends.


If a dog can love a goat, at least we can start by loving humans…at least.

Via Unknown / imgur

8. Oh my god, this little one has so small paws. My heart is melting right now.


There is just so much innocence and wholesomeness in this picture. That grip just feels so reassuring.

Via Instagram

9. It seems like this dog got a new hat and the hat has successfully transferred its talent of sleeping all the time and anywhere right into the dog.


Or the dog could be just very satisfied with how it feels to have the bandit on his head.

Via Unknown / imgur

10. You really cannot restrict friends from species to species. Here’s an example, this cute parrot and the gorgeous dog are best friends.


This is the kind of friendship you see in Pixar or Disney movies. No match at all, yet you see them working it out so effortlessly.

Via molloy861 / imgur

Just wow. I am absolutely loving these pictures and I hope you guys are having a good time too. I just want everyone to be a happy person and we will continue to strive together until we achieve this noble purpose.

Let’s look at some more heartwarming pictures. Scroll down to continue.

11. This puppy was very excited to go to the mall and his excitement doubled when the security officer decided to give him a high-five.

Animals find happiness in the smallest of things. The underlying requirement is just love. If there exists love, the animal will be happy.

Via youngcocosh / reddit

12. This woman got her hands on what seems to be the world’s happiest lamb.

Look at his face, he just looks so happy to be in those arms. So cute!


Via ttuckbutt / reddit

13. From pup-age to proper dog-age, his favorite pose for laying down never changed.

Some habits just never change, no matter what you do. And that’s how it should always be like.

Via commonvanilla / reddit

14. The garbage men had had a really tiring day so found some swings and decided to have some fun.


Everyone deserves a break and so do these amazing people.

Via AlexanderBlum / reddit

15. This doggo has his own portrait in the house and he loves to mimic it every day.

Adorableness has just broken all precious records.

Via tallicahet81 / reddit

16. Oh my god his new teeth are growing and they look so adorable.


I think he realized that everyone finds his new teeth cute so he keeps smiling, on purpose.

Via Twitter

17. Best NASA picture ever. No questions about it.

Leland is a proper boss.

Via Twitter

18. Guess who likes to be the bigger spoon in this relationship?


There will be no bond cuter than an animal-child bond. Never.

Via JarodKnoten / imgur

19. This cutie got lost for 5 whole hours and when her mom finally found her, the cat wouldn’t stop hugging her.

Awe, thank god she is okay.

Via GallowPlaceholder / reddit

20. When the product looks okay in the picture but very different in reality. No, not the pup. I am talking about the bed.


All that space and he chooses to sit on the edge.

Via favoriites_ / instagram

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. We hope your day is brighter than it was before.

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