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40 Times People Spotted Dogs At Random Places And It Made Their Day

This Facebook page puts you in your best mood by showing wholesome dogs pictures.

Looking at a dog can cure any problem you face in your daily life. Not just because they look cute, but for how they impact our moods and working. There are many researchers that prove looking at our canine buddies helps to improve our health and work efficiency. They impact our health in a positive way and our mood gets better because of the release of happy hormones. It is also observed that having a pet dog brings betterment in your social and work life. We learn to develop the cordial relations and have more empathy in us. People also tend to perform better at workplace due to the positive effects dogs have on their lives.


For all the abovementioned reasons, people love to have dogs around and see them to feel happy. This Facebook page ‘Dogspotting’ has been so popular among dog lovers as it serves you with an unlimited supply of wholesome dog related content.  We have here some recent dog photos from the said group to lighten up your mood.

Scroll down to see these cuties.

#1 This adorable doggo – Arnold – is seventeen.

Karen Beth Pearlman

#2 I see a bear. Where’s the dog?

Amy Jayne Lloyd

#3 Meet Blue. She likes to be petted all day.

Jaclyn Lindsay

#4 Feast your eyes on this bouquet of doggos.

Rachel Kennedy

More and more people are joining this dogs lover community and now the members are more than 1.8 million. Crazy, right? The group is all about sharing pictures of random dogs so everyone can see and enjoy. Having a community where everyone loves dogs and shares wholesome dog content is so amazing and fun. Keep scrolling to see more of these cute doggos.

#5 The friendship’s so strong, they have started to look the same.

Kenzie Darian Waldkoetter

#6 Handsome!

Sasha Kulesh

#7 Will show their derpiness anywhere, anytime.

Leona Roos

#8 This is how the winter sun hits you.

Karen Beth Pearlman

#9 He found the purrfect bed.

Tessa Wood

#10 Would you want this new attendant at pharmacy?

Samuel Lorincik

#11 Matching perfectly.

Kate McClarnon

#12 Would you wave him back?

Bianca Simmons

#13 Waiting for mama to buy your favorite food.

Megan Walker

#14 It me a whole minute to find out.

Jakub Grzeszczuk

#15 The most precious jewel.

Fifi de Faoite

#16 “What’s that noise?”

Christy Paul

#17 Best partner to go on a vacation.

Karen Closkey

#18 “Sir would you please get down here”

Adrienne Halsey

#19 Happy doggo on duty.

Trexel McGalloway

#20 So cute..

Claire Nielsen

#21 Dream wedding photoshoot.

Rachel Gabriella Franco

#22 Tiny doggo in his walkies.

Emma Hedges

#23 Love at first sight.

Наташа Лажетић

#24 Big blep.

Amanda Crawford

#25 “I think nobody can see us, right?”

Thomas Bela Kiss

#26 What an absolute queen.

Anh-Thu Pham

#27 Adorbs!!!

Morgan Makana Simmons

#28 This dog had a knee injury and his owner made him a private elevator. Wholesome!

Jessica Stewart Copeland

#29 Our favorite too.

Carolyn Lockwood

#30 So tiny, omg.

Megan Brooke Lane

#31 “What ya lookin at?”

Julia Pensabene

#32 Sweet pupper.

Callie Bless

#33 Flexing so hard.

Bailey McGarrell

#34 He’s afraid of escalators.

Monique Callari

#35 Happiest doggo.

Heather McLaughlin

#36 He seems like a very good boy.

Derek Randy Hamm

#37 When people keep asking you to smile.

Lauren Fiallo

#38 So adorable.

Shannon Granholm

#39 Big boy.

Lauren Ashley

#40 The president we all want.

Nicole Perrault

How did you find these adorable dogs? Tell us in the comments below!


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