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18 Animals Who Got Given Hilarious New Names That Have A Much Better Ring To Them Compared To The Originals

Animal Names

We use names to differentiate one from the other. According to many historians animal names have a Greek and Latin origin, that’s where the terms like Hippopotamus, Dog, Owl, etc. came from. Humans, however, for an association like to give the animals their own names. So for instance, if somebody adopts a cat or a rabbit, there are very low chances that they will refer to them by their original names. The animals get given a new name like Buddy, Baby, Honey, you get the idea.


But then there’s this third progression of giving super unique names to animals that are not only catchy and get you super interested, but are also extremely hilarious and quite fun to know. Again, it’s the humans who do it and it was the humans who originally named them. Goes on to show how much we have evolved and whether intelligence has improved or has decreased is a question I think we all know the answer to.

So Bad So Good decided times have evolved and so should the animal names. So they decided to infuse modernism with animals to give them the most hilarious, most unique names one could possibly think of. This is just the beginning, the possibilities are countless and you should definitely suggest some funny names from your side as well after you go through these ones.

Let’s enjoy the names and see if they fit the animal or not. Scroll down below for some hilarity!

1. Furry Potato makes him sound like he is a commander on a mission…probably to hunt a nut as always.

2. Danger Zebra, because White Tiger lost its ring over the years.


3. Not a fox, he is a Forest Corgi.


4. Who calls their dog those traditional names anymore? Names like Sadeyes Von Gimmefood are what we live for.


5. Just a simple addition of Fart to the name to add value.


6. Snakes are Danger Noodles if you think about it.


7. Ostrich? No. Pantless Thundergoose? Yes.


8. This is the best one so far. Wizard Cow.


9. Sea Flap-Flap. That is what we are calling them from now on.


These animal names are so funny. Like, I can imagine calling them by these names but maybe if we all start doing it together, it may become a norm. All I know is all the names are extremely fitting and these animals should’ve always had these names instead of the classic Ostrich, Snake, and Dog.

I hope you guys are enjoying these as much as I am. Let’s enjoy some more unique and hilarious animal names. Scroll down below to continue!

10. Star Rabbit, not Hedgehog.


11. Not an Owl anymore…He is a Cat Bird from now on.

12. Llama who? We only know Giraffe Sheep.


13. Crocodile? No, that’s boring. American Mu*derlog? Yes, that’s perfect.

14. I don’t think a better name would’ve suited that face than Grumpy McSnapface.


15. Toothy McNudist has a very nice ring to it.

16. Lizard? No, we see them every day. Magical Safety Dragon? Now that is a once in a lifetime experience.


17. Penguin is good but Formal Chicken is better.

18. Where is the lie? They, in essence, are Sea Dogs.


I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more goodness!

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