28 Hilarious “Catdashians” We Don’t Keeping Up With

Cats are probably the only living beings who have conquered all hearts with nothing but weirdness.

Now I know the statement does sound a little exaggerated but it’s cats and they love to exaggerate everything so why shouldn’t we? Well, to be fair though, there is a lot more than just weirdness that cats bring into our lives. First of all, it is that majestic beauty that they all possess. Trust, it does not matter what breed of cat you are getting, they are all so gorgeous and handsome looking, they could easily win anyone’s heart with their charm. And don’t even get me started on those huge, round, popping, and innocent eyes. You could literally dive deep in those oceans of love. Cats use their beauty as a weapon as well, don’t you see how they always get away with trouble? Well, they always pay that card and feel no regret in it because they already know they are cute and everyone knows that.


But with all this adorableness comes lots and lots of weirdness as well. Cats are a packet full of surprises and will always outdo your expectations. These tiny creatures pumped with adrenaline will always surprise you with something new and unique, now as a normal person you might not like the way a cat plans on entertaining you but that is exactly what the cat lovers love about these cuties, hence making cats tied up with dogs as the most adopted pets in the world.

Let’s enjoy some of these cat moments and cherish their weird selves. Let’s see, if they really do keep up with the Kardashians when it comes to being weird. Shots fired!

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. Cats will follow you everywhere even if it means chasing you to the bath, which they absolutely hate.

Lok at it chilling on the tap, with plans to mess with the water temperature.

Via Sylvester_Scott / reddit

2. The weirdest things will amuse them the most.


Perhaps they believe this is where the cat gods live.

Via Sylvester_Scott / reddit

3. When you have been running around the house like you’re on drugs, all day and suddenly hear mom say “Dinner’s ready!”


Food can enchant all cats.

Via Seethruvinyl / reddit

4. Just a cat making random faces at random people, up close.

They literally behave like those little kids who would make weird faces at you for absolutely no reason.


Via 1Voice1Life / reddit

5. I have no idea how I got up here but now that you have spotted me, please help!

Will help, wait till I am done laughing on your ass.


Via urbinsanity / imgur

6. When Mom announces at breakfast that there will be Chicken for dinner and now you cannot wait all day.


As I mentioned, their craze for food is beyond explainable. They will steal if uncooked if they’re that hungry.

Via TheCatsTail / reddit

7. They will be playing the weirdest of games meowing though the day until you spot them and they will turn all weird and crazy.


Sorry but no one likes invasion of privacy.

Via Wakalulu578 / reddit

8. Yeah, I did that. So better keep your distance.

This is the sassiest picture ever!


Via BookerDeWittsCarbine / reddit

9. This cat owner got their cat a brand new hammock because it really wanted one the cat decided its new favorite spot is now not the hammock but under the hammock.


Their sole purpose is to annoy humans.

Via angrymallard / imgur

10. They do find amusement in making new friends and those friends will always be from the most different categories.


From crows to snakes but never cats to rabbits.

Via unknown / imgur

11. The Egyptian blood runs in them all, look at these two sisters waiting for the owner to sit on the throne.

Via recreationAtion / reddit

12. Please don’t laugh at me, Dad. Let me out.


They will always execute all their plans without actually planning them through and hence such things happen.

13. What is this, human? Why is my lifeless form on the wall?

Advertisement by UDM

It’s like the cat has suddenly found its new favorite wall.

Via Jetsetter_ / reddit

14. You can only expect such a result from cats.

This is lowkey creepy.


Via T3SKULLBREAK / reddit

This was so expected. Like if these things were being done by dogs, I would be shocked but for cats, this is so normal and that is exactly why we all love them.

Let’s enjoy some more cat weirdness because no amount of it is enough for us.

15. Overreaction and melodrama was fed in them from birth.

Via michaeldoe1 / reddit

16. Is that a cat or a hat for its best friend?


Via Subterfug3 / reddit

17. When you run to the bathroom to pee but the running makes it go away.

Via Axeeel / imgur

18. When you stab your pinky finger and your little brother enjoys the natural opera session that follows.


19. Why even would you want to sit like that?

Only cats.

Via CandysaurusRex / reddit

20. They will start a concert at 4 a.m. in the morning.


Via Local306 / imgur

21. Awe, look at its face. Please someone help it out.

You can even count the regrets.

Via Noerdy / reddit

22. Some cats are just naturally blessed with too much beauty and they have no idea about it.


Via McPokie / reddit

23. Trust me I have everything under control here.

Yeah, sure you do.

Via RealSlimShaney / reddit

24. Inevitable phot frame damage in 3…2…1…

Via roobiscube / reddit

25. Baths never go well for them, as can be seen from this one’s expressions.

I really don’t understand whats their deal with water.

Via Laenova / imgur

26. Here you can see a cat unleashing its superpowers at playtime.


The secret’s out. They are magicians.

Via BlightyMan / reddit

27. Given how famous cats are, these are the kind of spots they have to resort to in order to spend some private, quality time together.


Or maybe they were just dirty and went in for a wash.

Via boopyouonthenose / reddit

28. Nothing too special here, just a daily meeting between the neighbors after breakfast.

Discussing what furniture to ruin today.

Via DankKoro / reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. To be honest, I wish cats remain like this forever. Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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