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Before-And-After Photos Of Dogs After Life-Changing Adoption (30 Pics)

A human is blessed with the most amazing 3-pound organ also known as the powerhouse of the human body— the brain. But it hurts so bad to know that many of us don’t make the right use of it. We are blessed with emotions yet we fail to understand the pain felt by fellow human beings and other species. Sometimes, we become so unexpressive and cold-blooded that we use others not only humans but also animals for our benefit and cause them to suffer. A lot of big cosmetic and skincare brands use animals to test their products, not only that, some medicines are tested on them. After these animals reach a point where they can no longer be used as a test object, they are abandoned on streets or dumped into garbage cans to die.


This is not where animal cruelty stops. There is a wide range of heinous crimes committed that include animal cruelty in the name of deriving benefits for mankind. All kinds of animals are used for all sorts of things. Life dogs are used for fights, breeding, cosmetic, medical and lab testings. Not to mention, in some regions of the world, some inhumane, wild people and tribes eat dog meat. As sick as it sounds, sometimes people have very cruel behaviour to their pets in general. Many times animal shelters have found dogs on streets or in dumpsters abandoned by their owners in near-to-death situations. Not only that, there have also been instances where dogs were found tied and starved at homes after they’ve been sold. A subreddit called r/BeforeNAfterAdoption with over 286K members shared heart-warming before-and-after pictures of adopted dogs that will definitely melt your heart. Here are 30 photos that we found to be the most touching. Scroll Down and check them out.

What a gorgeous golden lab! So thankful it has been rescued.

Credits: vo_xv

A Korean Family Rescued This Golden From A Breeding Facility. Went From 15 Lbs To A Healthy 60 Lbs

Wow! This dog has changed drastically.


Credits: fitnessjunky12

My Gorgeous Pupper With Her Puppies Before I Adopted Her And Now 3.5 Years Later

From the streets of Italy to a loving home in Germany, Anna has grown into a beautiful doggo.


Credits: Pawlii

Meet Anna! She Was Living On The Streets Of Italy Before My Mom Brought Her To Germany. Now She’s Happy And Loves Her Buddy Iluq

This is what love and affection does! It nurtures one even if they don’t speak our language.


Credits: shelavesit

The Shelter I Volunteer For Has Incredible Before And After’s

Lucky girl sky has grown so healthy.



We Found Her Infested With Fleas On The Curb 3 Months Ago. Her Name Is Sky And She Likes The Rain.

Rue the strong willed pupper.


Credits: Beemorriscats

From A Severe Case Of Mange And Dumpster Diving In The Streets Of San Antonio To 3 Months Later Loving Life, Growing, And Learning Sign Language! Meet Our Deaf Dog, Rue!

That happy face is priceless.


Credits: briscoleg

No One Wanted To Adopt Him Because Of His Cropped Ears And “Scary” Looking Face. He Had Stopped Eating At The Pound And Was Severely Underweight. Now Bronco Is Healthy, Always Smiling, And Loved By Everyone He Meets

This is very heart-wrenching and disturbing to hear about animals being treated like that. It is our moral obligation to take care of each other whether they are our fellow humans or animals living in our whereabouts. As a responsible citizen and as a member of the society, we are obliged to provide help to all those who can’t stand up for themselves. After all, someone has to be the one to take the first step towards change, why can’t that be us? Remember, God doesn’t change the situation of people who do nothing to change themselves. So, take a step and take in an abandoned pet. Provide them with a loving home and shower them with endless love and then see how their silly grin and goofy actions warm-up your home.

Everything is gonna be okay!


Credits: Rennegader

When We Met Her In The Shelter My Daughter Immediately Started Whispering In Her Ear “Your Okay, We’ll Take You Home And Keep You Safe, We Love You Already”

She is a survivor!


Credits: zenmin75


I Adopted 13 Year Old Phyllis One Year Ago Today! She Came In Emaciated, Flea Anemic And With A 5 Lb Tumour On Her Side. No One Thought She Was Going To Make It And Here We Are One Year Later! Happy Adoption Day, My Little Philly Cheesesteak!

This one’s now a wild child.


Credits: lisa0505050505

Adoption Day vs. Today. She Has Come A Long Way And Is Spoiled Rotten

How adorable! She stands tall now.

 Credits: shelavesit

New Foster Pup Nic, She’s Come So Far Already!

16 year old bundle of joy.



This Is Ruthie, Our 16yr Old Chihuahua Mix. December Close To Death In The Shelter Compared To Now. Old Dogs Are Worth Adopting Too!

This pupper has come a long way. That smile brightens up our whole day.

Credits: Forrestjung

Gus Gus Was Saved From The Meat Trade In China. He Just Moved Into His Forever Home And Now Gets To Spend His Vacations In Tahoe

Rambo is a tough boy. He deserves good boy pets.


Credits: ilikerocks19

Rambo Was Left Behind By His Family And Found Tied Inside A Dark Shed By The New Owners. Here’s His Before And After

Timmy is the living example of “sticks and stones can’t break my bones.”

Credits: CanidaeLycaon

Timmy Was Hit Over The Head With A Blunt Object By His Racing Trainer. After Surgery To Repair His Broken Skull, Therapy To Help Him Regain Proper Use Of His Legs And Plenty Of Tlc He Was Rehomed And Lived Everyday To The Fullest!

Oh my, my! Look at that innocent face.


Credits: Bananalexa22

I Found Her 4 Years Ago, Covered In Blisters, No Hair And Starved… Who Knew She’d Be The Love Of My Life. She’s The Greatest

Lucia’s before and after pictures are just what we need to see today.

Credits: fifidelia

Lucia, Right After She Was Rescued From A Hoarder. You Couldn’t Touch Her. Curious But Terrified. Fast Forward 2 Years She’s Fluffy And Fat And Happy

Anything for that smile. Oh, those toofers!


Credits: 62smith52

Rescued A Skeleton And Ended Up With This Sweet Girl Who Is Always Smiling

This one is friendly! Made friends quickly.

Credits: The-Jumpseat

Rescued Last Night, Settled In 2 Hours Later And Slept With Me All Night

Dobby the derpy doggo has marked her territory.


Credits: icracknuts

This Is Dobby! She Came Into My Life A Few Months Ago After Terrible Neglect From Her Previous Owners. With Some Love And Care (And A Lot Of Food) She Has Turned Into A Whole New Dog! She Is My Everything

Missy was abandoned by its owners and taken in by neighbors.

Credits: punkassbitch6969

My Next-Door Neighbors Abandoned Their Dog And Got A New Puppy. She Was In The Shelter For A Full Month Before I Realized What Happened. This Is Missy In The Shelter, And When She Realized She’s Never Going Back

Barkley the lucky doggo.



Barkley, Rescued From The Streets Of Puerto Rico And Loved Back To Health

This struggling pug is now a happy muffin.

Credits: LichVader69

Our Pug Had A Hard Start To Life. Raised By A Trucker Who Couldn’t Take Care Of Him And Get Him The Treatment He Needed. Then A Vet Who Didn’t Diagnose Him Correctly. Now He’s A Healthy Stud-Muffin!

That’s a whole new pug!

Credits: ihatejackblack234

This Is Dex. He Fought For His Life After Having Been Left For Dead On The Streets Of Austin. After 10 Weeks Of Being Nursed Back To Health By Pug Rescue Austin, We Were Lucky Enough To Adopt Him In Our Loving Home

Casey survived the the most adverse situations and now she’s a happy doggo.

Credits: Patientnine

This Is Casey, A Senior Who Was Used For Breeding Then Dumped On The Roadside With A Very Large Tumor & A Blind Eye

She was almost tossed into the garbage can for being a runt.

Credits: Jingles46

Took In This Sweet Angel When I Heard She Was About To Be Tossed In The Garbage By A Breeder For Being A Runt. Four Months Later, And Yumi Is The Most Playful, Loving, Healthy Gal

Ruth is now happy in her new home.


Credits: doublecheeseburger

Ruth Was Used For Breeding And Then Dumped. She Had Soft, Tender Paws From Being Locked Up All The Time And Was Found Tied To A Fence In The July Heat. I Was Honestly A Little Afraid At First But She Is So Docile And Sweet. She Was Adopted By People Who Love And Spoil Her. Her Face Says Everything

That’s one strong mama!

Credits: quinoapatra

Suffering From Mange And Unable To Take Care Of Her Puppies To Romping In The Cascade Mountains And A Closet Full Of Bandanas In Every Color

He claimed his territory.


Credits: greenmangolassi

This Guy Walked Into Our Hotel In Nepal And Never Checked Out

From being zip tied to free and smiling this pupper had quite a rough start in life.

Credits: Joyce_D_

This Puppy Was Abandoned On Backroads With Zip Tie Tightened Around His Jaw. Look How Happy He Is At His New Forever Home

Every dog has a story but these canines have brought tears to our eyes with their heart-wrenching stories. Every dog deserves to be loved and taken care of. Whenever life gives you a chance to rescue a pupper don’t let it go. Adopting a dog is a life-changing experience. They are a complete blessing in disguise. A dog is a man’s best friend, lifeguard and basically their whole world. Hope you are as touched by these 30 photos as we are. Let us know in the comments below the story of your doggo. Don’t forget to share this with other dog lovers.


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