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21 Amazing Photos Of Groomed Dogs Before And After Their Haircut

If you want to give your dog a glow-up and make him/her look like a completely different dog, your best option is to give them a new haircut. It gives them a whole new transformation that we never thought our dogs needed. It is just how when we get a haircut, we feel like a totally new person. When we look in the mirror, it feels like we are looking at a new person. That is how our dogs must feel too. That is why they start acting all goofy when they get a new look. Though it takes time to adjust to the new haircut our pets have, it also makes things so exciting. No one should have the same boring look forever. Things should change once in a while.


Transformation pictures are my absolute favorite and it fills me with so much excitement! That is why today we are featuring 20+ ridiculously cute dogs who became totally strangers after getting their new haircut. These pictures will be the highlight of your day and your week. They will force you to stretch your mouth in the biggest smile ever. Some haircuts brought so much difference to the pet’s looks, that it shocked the dog owners and they had a hard time figuring out if it’s actually their dog or were their dogs switched with another one at the Salon. We never think that our floof creatures can look better than they already do. Scroll below to see what we are talking about.

P.s Some of these transformations are so cute that we couldn’t help but adore them a little too much. You’ll see what we mean!

1. “My 13-year-old dog, Archie, before and after having visited the groomer — he’s practically a new dog!”

And we totally agree! This dog really does look like a completely different dog. Somehow all that fur makes some dogs look gloomy and sad, even though that is not actually the case. But with all that hair shaved off, we can properly see the dog’s face. And wow, he is even smiling. Just look at how he has his tongue out. He is really feeling the transformation.

2. “My dog got a haircut!”


So who’s gonna tell her? I’m sorry, I completely refuse to believe that is the same dog. I mean, look at it. The big guy in the first picture is such a floof and all that hair is making him look so different from his new look. I am positive if we place this guy in front of the mirror, it would not be able to recognize itself at all. This transformation is unbelievable!

3. “Sirius got a haircut. This was an extreme makeover!”


We completely agree, it really was an extreme makeover! Well, at least the tongue looks the same. It looks like a completely different type of dog. If someone met this dog with its new look, they would never be able to guess it used to have all that fur!

4. He got that summer body


The dog picked on all the hot summer body talk, and got some of it himself! He did not want to be left behind during the summer. But damn, this little kid just got such a neat look. I am really digging the new look. I think the dog owner should stick to this look at least for the next few months.

5. “Finally, we got to the hairdresser!”


The dog has been renewed and there is a new light in his eyes now. I can totally see from behind the laptop’s screen. The soft fur looks so neat and groomed. It looks like all the exhaustion from not having a hairdresser has finally worn off and the little guy has been uplifted with newfound energy.

6. Mommy brushed my hair!


This baby looks happy with the new look the same way he looked happy in the old look. But look at those eyes. I am grateful for this new look, we finally get to all of this guy’s eyes. All the beautiful fur was kind of taking the spotlight away from her marble eyes. The fur on the ears looks so groomed and silky too! Anyone around him would have to fight the urge to run their fingers through this puppy’s hair.

7.“I don’t know how it happened, but the groomer gave me back a shrimp instead of my fluffy puppy.”


That curly hair just got chopped off and gave this dog a brand new hair base to work on! We have to agree, this cutie is no longer the fluffy kid it was before, but it sure is just as cute as it was before. He even made an attempt to give a little smile in the new look! Look at the clean new skin.

8. “Mom said we’d be lucky if the dog let us give her a bath or a haircut. I think this a success.”


This has to be the cutest hair transformation ever! This absolute floof looked so round before and now looks ever more rounder. The groomer was really in the mood today and wanted to give this little baby a look at a trimmed tree. Well, I don’t think any of us mind because this is the most adorable haircut ever.

9. Grumpy dogs


These dogs almost look a little and that they are not as furry as before. But we have to keep you groomed kids! The white one looks like he is going to stay mad for a while now. But we must say, all that fur made them look so different.

10. “Billy came home from the groomer as a completely different doggy!”


Poor kid’s hair was falling in front of his eyes all the time, they had gotten so long. He had to get a haircut. Even though all that fur makes these dogs the best cuddle buddies ever, we cannot keep their trip over our stuff because they can’t see properly. And he does not mind the haircut too. It lt looks like he is pretty satisfied with the change.

11.“She’s my Claire Bear before and after getting a haircut. She’s 13 years old, but is still enjoying life.”

You never know how big their eyes are until you take off all that hair from their cute little heads. And Clair bear’s eyes are really showing. She might have the biggest eyes any dog has ever had. Hair looks so ruffled in the first picture but after grooming, the hair on the ears are so leveled and perfectly brushed. It does make you a little sad that the crown of hair on their head is no more but it is okay, it always grows back.

12. “My big guy has maintained a healthy weight for a year and a half. He went to the groomer today and is looking extra handsome now!”


He sure does look handsome, which I completely agree with. And not just handsome, the big boy looks very happy about his new look. He must have gotten bored with all that long hair like we all do sometimes and decide to chop it off. And when we chop it off, we spend one week in complete excitement to have a new life and new hair. It seems like this big guy is going through the same thing. The red scarf is adding to the look in the best way it can!

13. No more beard!

Poor guy took so much time to grow that damn beard to impress the other dogs. It all got chopped off! But it has also given him such a nice clean look. Fergus’ hair will now grow even thicker and better than before!

14. “Before and after a haircut — she looks like a totally different dog!”


It looks like he woke up from a long chaotic nap in the first picture. In the second picture, it looks likes she has been given a long soothing bath and has come out as a newly groomed dog. I am totally admiring the leveled hair on the ears, face, and whole body. And with a clean body, a scarf is a must to add to that sophistication.

15. Cute then, Cute now

If you thought these balls of fur could not get any cuter, think again with these pictures as proof. These little ones look so insanely adorable in the first picture, it is almost making me crazy. And just when you think these babies could not get any cuter and have reached their level of perfection, the second picture comes in. Their cuteness has surely passed the sky and reaching the highest point in the universe because that is how over the top their cuteness is. It absolutely cannot be described in words.

16. “Our dog Jojo before and after a much-needed haircut”


So cute! It sometimes makes you sad to see all the floofy fur go away but at least this little would not be confused with a rug. Not gonna lie, it kinda looks like a big rug rolled in that basket. This little guy must love to rest in his bed basket!

17. “I’m pretty sure the groomer gave me back the wrong dog.”

We kinda agree. The dog looks so much different than before! He sure has a different kind of smile on his face. Or maybe he is just happier that he’s not feeling so hot anymore.

18. “My dog got a haircut after 4 months.”


This should be the go-to haircut for this little guy! The baby looks so dashing after the much-needed grooming. I am loving how the big ears look more prominent than before. The big ears steal the spotlight. However, we do not mind those beautiful wavy long locks in the first picture either.

19. “Sundance almost looks like a new dog after his haircut.”

Sundance is wondering what he did to get his hair shaved like that. Why did you do that to me, mommy? It took so long for his curly hair to grow like curly hair always does. And he must have gotten used to getting all the compliments on his curls. Well, he should not worry much. He looks just as cute as he did before.

20. “I asked the groomer to trim my dogs. There was a slight miscommunication. Now they won’t be able to go outside for a while.”


Damn, where did all those golden locks go? These poor kids have no idea why they will be kept inside for the next month. And knowing this cute breed, they would be very sad about it as well. But it is for their own benefit. We would be sad, too.

21. “A labradoodle with a lion haircut! Many people called 9-1-1 to report the ’mini-lion’ roaming the streets.”

This is such a creative and fun thing to do with your pet! Everyone should make their pets step a little of the regular life and goof around a bit. This labradoodle really does look like a mini lion. But his looks just give it away! This baby’s innocence and adorable face cannot let any person be fooled that long.

Wow, these transformation pictures were just something else! Never did I think a haircut could change someone this much. If you think you look different after your haircut, take a look at these pictures, honey! After looking at these pictures, we will realize that we actually do not look that different. I mean, you can still recognize yourself, right? Some of these dogs are not even recognizable after their haircuts. Even their parents are having a hard time believing they got the same dog. But regardless of what kind of new looks they got, they are looking cuter than ever and we cannot get our eyes off time. I know we should discriminate between the kids, but especially a few of these just stole my heart and I had a hard time accepting the fact that I would never be able to meet these absolute cuties!

Which transformation shocked you the most? Let us know and send us pictures of your dog’s transformation too!


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