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Boss Asks Employee To Work While On Vacation, Employee Takes Permanent Vacation

While a few of us get lucky with good bosses, some people have to deal with horrible bosses. They get so infuriated that they end up quitting their jobs so they do not have to put up with a negative working environment. We all are well aware of how exhausting jobs can get. Even if the work is not very stressful, continuously working for several hours every day eventually drains you. Vacations are essential to regain your strength. It increases productivity in the employees. The quality of output becomes better when they are not exhausted. Exhaustion and burnout can vastly affect the input of the employees. Even the best ones get affected by an excessive workload. Above all of that, bad bosses make work-life harder than ever.


Scroll below to read how this employee got rid of his horrible boss!

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1. The horrible employer!

2. How about I take a permanent vacation?


Do they work 14 hours every day? Woah, this boss sounds like the most unorganized and inefficient person ever. They do not even get paid for overtime. Why would anyone think that they can make someone work without paying them? The boss wants to gain more work but has less workforce. He is overestimating the work that can be done in less time.

Plus, why would you allow someone to go on a vacation, and request them to work while they are on it? Who in their right minds would work on vacation? The fact that every employee hates the boss shows how he is the problem in the situation.

3. Special circumstances require a change in plans.


You can bear some annoyances when you are the only one suffering from them, but it is hard to comply when another human is in the picture. In this case, it was this employee’s child and there are no compromises on the well-being of your child.

4. The ’emergency’.


This is so unprofessional. The employer knew that his employee would be taking time off from work after his son is born. Why did he not arrange a substitute employee earlier? This shows the employer’s complete disregard for his employees. It also shows how he is least bothered about efficiency and quality work in his company. He is merely heading the company but all the grunt work is done by the employees.

5. The ‘Know-it-all’ boss.


To be fair, I would have reacted the same way. It was unprofessional and I am sure very rude as well, but the boss called it. It had been a day since the employee’s child was born and the boss was already calling him for work? How insensitive do you have to be to do that?

Plus, threatening someone by saying their current job is the best one they can ever have is the absolute worst. That’s one way to manipulate someone. Fortunately, the employee channeled his anger and frustration into finding a better job and get out of the mess he caught himself in.

6. Time to move forward!


Power move! I wish we could see this scene in person. I want to see the look on the boss’ face when he saw the resignation letter.

7. Progress


This job is giving him so many benefits that their previous job could never even come close to. The paid week of vacation shows how the new company treats its employees humanely.

I am laughing at the Boss’ response. Counter-offer? Can he even do that?

8. He quit his boss!


It is a relief to know that he found a better job with so many benefits, the most important benefit being that he gets to spend time with his child. If your job does not even allow you to spend even a little bit of time with your family, what is it for? We work to make a nice living and provide for our families. In the end, it is all about family. Jobs are of no use if you are detached from the people you care about. It is hard to understand at first when you hear that the employees quit their bosses, but it makes sense after you read such stories. Most of the time, the main issue that arises in your job is the boss. They make your work life a living hell and the job becomes hell because of them. Hence, most employees do not quit their jobs, they quit their bosses.

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