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Hilarious Tweets About Applying For Jobs That Reminded Us How Stupid It Can Be

If you have a stable job, you are probably aware of how hard it was to get to that point. Having a job is not easy. It requires a thousand documents, references, resumes, and cover letters that are exhausting to write. The process of applying for a job is harder than the job you are applying to. Sometimes people prefer to stay at jobs they despise because they desire the job application process more. It is dreadful to even think about submitting all those painful documents. You find yourself doubting your abilities.


The most stressful part is to alter your CV again and again according to the kind of job you are applying to. You want to make sure your CV is suitable for the specific job you are applying for. Every job has its requirements and one CV cannot be carelessly sent to every job we apply to. Sometimes jobs require so many documents, you just want to give up and live unemployed. It is more peaceful than that.

Scroll below to check some hilarious tweets about the job application process! We all need a little bit of relatable humor to get by.

1. Applying for a job is harder than the job itself.

Via  @Whatapityonyou

2. Honestly though, it is the end of the world and we still have to prove in 100 different ways that we are suitable for a job?

Via  @ArielRelaford

3. This hit hard…

Via  @sablaah

4. My job history sucks…let’s move on, please?

Via @thisiskashmir

When will companies realize that we’re applying for the job BECAUSE we don’t have a job history?

5. We’re in a freaking pandemic. Why can’t we get food and have our bills paid for free?

Via @jjamz_

6. It leaves you confused whether you got lucky or pranked

Via  @mintchocolatina

7. We left our exes for a reason!

Via  @bocxtop

8. We just need the money to pay the bills, not another family!

Via  @jil_slander

9. Valid point

Via  @jo_bazz

10. Truth has been spoken.

Via  @jpbrammer

They just give it a fancy name so it does not appear bad.

11. This is what happens when you are desperate for a job.

Via  @missthugger

Unemployment makes a person greedy sometimes.

12. If we think about it, the whole process of applying for a job is begging.

Via  @Simply_GorJASZ

Cover letters strip every ounce of self-respect you have.

13. Suckers for love letters!

Via  @saratardiff

Hiring committees have insecurities and only several documents can satisfy their needs.

14. It would be so much easier!

Via  @bestinsio

I wish writing “please” hundred times could work.

All these tweets put all of our thoughts into words. Being an adult is not easy. Even if you are fortunate enough to pursue the job of your dreams that you are passionate about, the job application process is still annoying. If it is annoying for those who are interested in the job they are seeking, one can only imagine how annoying it can be for someone who is seeking a job they despise and have no interest in. Surviving in this world requires us to work even if all we want to do I Netflix and relax.

Can you relate to these tweets too? Let us know in the comments your most frustrating job application experience! I am sure most of us here have been through the same thing at least once.


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