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16 People Shared Their Embarrassing Stories That Will Make You Cringe Hard

Life is never full of accomplishments and good decisions. If you are an adult, you must be aware of how life goes to the south sometimes. As kids, we always thought life becomes so much better when we get older. In contrast, the truth is completely opposite. Life is nothing but a series of disappointing and embarrassing moments. Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh! But that’s life!


As we know, some incidents occur in isolation and some occur when you are in the public. The shame you feel when everyone witnesses your lowest moment is the worst thing to experience. You can only find comfort in the fact that everyone goes through embarrassing moments. No one is alone in this. Oddly, some people feel comfortable enough to share their embarrassing moments with the world on the internet. You may be able to relate to some as well.

Scroll below to check some hilarious incidents people went through!

1. She should have just minded her own business🤷‍♂️.

Via Twitter, @MakVest

2. This is what you get for being an over-efficient mom👀.

Via Twitter, @jadmev

I cannot imagine the stunned look on everyone else’s faces, but the most hilarious one would have been her mom’s.

3. Siri knows her sh*t!

Via Twitter, @CeciMula

4. Detox water is crap. There, I said it.

Via Twitter, @autumnsays_

5. LOL. This has got to be the worst burn ever!

Via Twitter, @FeyiCarter

The universe really wanted some people to suffer so it made them short! Me, I am some people!

6. God, people are mean. What would have happened if he had just responded to his “floor buddies”. He would have made a friend.

Via Twitter, @bobvulfov

7. Crime scene turned into a comedy scene.

Via Twitter, @megalexandrax

8. Toilet conversations are not always comforting. They could turn out like this too!

Via Twitter, @jessicaabrownnn

9. What was this picture even doing in her gallery?

Via Twitter, @TheRavenousDyke

10. She lost her shot!

Via Twitter, @araslanian_

Why can I relate to this? I don’t want to relate to this. Make it stop!

11. What an amazing start to the date…

Via Twitter, @s_kerekes

Honestly, I would have offered the guy some vodka too. There is nothing to be awkward about! Everyone knows dating is tough. It makes you nervous.

12. That would have been an awkward uber ride…

Via Twitter, @decentbirthday

There was an awkward silence till she reached her destination.

13. That is the worst question to ask someone who does not work at a restaurant

Via Twitter, @yourejoshinme_

This question sounds so dirty without any context.

14. Mum of Arham is reconsidering the engagement.

Via Twitter, @_aimaaaaan

15. Next thing you know, she is banned from the clinic😂.

Via Twitter, @XtinaNovakovic

16. In this case, I am grateful it was just wind blowing from the holes of the crutches and not some kidnapper!

Via  Twitter, @geaney_

God, the universe really did them dirty! The worst one has to be the one where the woman tells the bank lady that the money was not a lottery but insurance money. Man, I am never asking anyone again why they have so much money. I will just keep my mouth shut. The one where the girl’s phone sent an automatic message to her fiance’s mom had me laughing so much! Imagine telling your mother-in-law to “leave you tf alone”. God, I will call off the wedding myself. Moreover, the uber driver must be thinking about what’s wrong with the rider during the whole ride. God save us all from these embarrassing moments! I cannot handle more embarrassment on the top of the joke my life has already become.

What are your most embarrassing moments? Let us know in the comments section below.


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