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Boss Gets Fired For Pranking An Employee On April Fool’s Day


April Fools’ Day does not give you the license to be a jerk.

But it appears that is exactly how people react when it arrives. I’m sure we’ve all seen pranks taken too far, and they never apologize. This is exacerbated when the individual in question is your boss, and you never know when to take them seriously. However, this manager thought it would be a good idea to play a prank in which you fire your employee. I’m not sure how anyone could find this amusing, but this guy did. It is never amusing to lose your job for no apparent reason and have to consider how you will survive the next month.


Personally, I believe that such shenanigans should be prosecuted. This is a low blow, regardless of how friendly you are with your boss. If this guy was a jokester and did these things all the time, I could understand. But he obviously didn’t, because the employee would not have taken it seriously. And April Fools is all about making wholesome jokes that allow the prankee to have fun as well. However, this will be a lengthy story, which you can read for yourself by scrolling down.

Source: Reddit

Weirdly, the boss didn’t tell him immediately that it was a joke.


And who makes jokes like this in the first place?



It is pretty clear that this kind of thing happens a lot.



Higher-ups apparently love to make this joke and that is quite surprising.



Maybe he should have watched The Office.



Does this guy think he is Michael Scott?



If April Fools was all about jokes then we could do anything we want and skirt the law.



The icing on the cake? His name is actually Michael.



But the story doesn’t end here and we have some devious revenge as well.



Yes, the guy did get fired and this wasn’t the first time he had caused problems either.



I’m actually surprised the company had the foresight to fire this guy. While I understand that this was not the boss’s first blunder, most businesses would have blamed the employee. It’s always satisfying to see higher-ups get their comeuppance. I can only hope he learned his lesson and will never do something like this again.

Being fired on April Fools must be a punch in the gut.


I am happy to know that the little guy won in this instance.



There are very few stories where the higher-ups get what they deserve.


I am just glad that the company realized the boss was wrong. That doesn’t happen often.



Have you ever been in a situation where your superiors cracked such a joke? If so, did you realize it was a joke right away, or did they let you believe it for a while? Would you have done the same thing as this person? Or would you have taken it quietly? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share this anti-work story with your friends so they, too, can enjoy some sweet justice.


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