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60 Cat Glow-ups After Adoption Changed Their Lives For Better

Kindness is the greatest virtue.

A cat is a truly adorable and domestic animal. It is quite friendly in nature which makes it a very great pet and a wholesome one too. I think cats are the most well-behaved and tidy animals. They are self-sufficient and require much less direct attention from their owners. They are found in many colors. They have great sense organs, for example, the ear, nose, and eye. Cats have poor color vision but they have the ability to see in the dark. They live up to 10 to 12 years. Cats are a joy bringer, anyone can easily fall in love with such dainty, innocent, and fragile creatures.


The love between a rescued animal and its owner is on another level, utterly pure and indescribable. I have rescued and adopted many cats and I have a unique bond with each one of them. Scroll down to see some beautiful acts of kindness.

1. Injured stray cat rescued. A beautiful glow up.

2. This cat was found almost dead, now 3 years later he looks healthy and happy.


3. This tiny kitten was so sick, she was on the verge of death when a kind-hearted person took her to the vet, and here she is now.


4. She was abandoned. Found with an eye infection and dirty flea-infested fur. They named her Sunshine, so fitting!


5. Meet Bella, at two months old and then at ten months.


6. This rescued cat, Ilja, is now one year old. He looks happy at his forever home.


7. Rescued from the streets, here is Legolas at one year old.


8. Gaïa was suffering from a cat disease when her owners took her from a Rescue Centre. This is her 6 months later.


9. This stray kitten was hit by a car. Rengar is healthy and playful despite her crooked leg.


10. Rescued Persian kitten looks happy and clean after finding her forever home.


Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

11. Before and after rescuing Baby Rata.

12. Her owners found her covered in dirt and oil. This is the most adorable cat I have ever seen.


13. This is Nerito and he was found under a car.

14. Look at Nerito’s transformation after a year.


15. This rescued little Polish kitten is too adorable.

16. This cat named Mazdak was found in the street covered in wounds and blood. Now he is fully recovered and gratefully happy in his home.


17. This cat was abandoned because of being too vocal. Sweetie communicates freely with her new owners at home.

18. Rescued from a waste container with a leg infection, Yuki is leading a happy life after having his leg amputated. Yuki is a brave one.


19. Bubo was left at a pet shop in an unhealthy state, this is Bubo now.

20. Gabby was a victim of dog bait. She was malnourished and near death when she was rescued.


21. She was found dragging her legs as she was severely injured. 3 months later she walks on all 4 legs. Tara makes us believe in miracles.

22. Abandoned by his guardians, Percy finds happiness again in his forever home.


23. This beautiful cat was hit by a car. Mari is fully recovered now. Please be careful of animals on the road when you drive.

24. This 3-week-old kitten was found in her owner’s garage. The 2 pictures on the bottom are of Bella after a month.

25. Once starved cat sunbathes after being taken care of.

26. Before and after transformation of a sick kitten from the animal shelter.


27. Denis was found on the street in cold and rain. Now he has grown into a very charming cat.


28. Someone drove over this cat. After taking care of him and giving him lots of love, he has healed and he is happy.

29. Meet this bundle of joy, Bendjamin.


Many of these adopted cats were on the verge of death. It takes so much time, money, and care to treat such severely injured animals. Rescued pet cats have a whole different meaning to their owners. They share such an unusual and heart-wrenching story of bravery and kindness with their owner that would make any grown man tear up. Hearing these stories changes us as a person, teaches us a lesson, and softens our hearts. It restores our faith in humanity and makes us believe that there are still many good people left on Earth. Keep scrolling, there are still many inspiring stories left…

30. This little princess was found in a car engine, she almost lost both of her eyes. 6 months later, Meatball is a one-eyed healthy and happy cat.

31. Squirt was neglected by his previous owners. Now a year later, he is healthy and playful at his new home.

32. She was stuck under floorboards. 3 weeks later she looks healthy.


33. Valentina was a starved and scared cat. Her transformation is beautiful.

34. This cat at the shelter was about to be euthanized because of his skin issues. Such an inspiring transformation has left me in awe.

35. Chip was stuck under a car hood for 7 weeks. This is chip now.


36. Igor was starved to death. He had no teeth left in his mouth and a part of his tail was missing. Igor looks much better a month later.

37. Love and healthy feeding groomed this cat into looking like Prince Charming.

38. Kirk is the cutest one-eyed cat! You can not change my mind.


39. Someone set Campbell purposely on fire. Such heartless people should be punished.

40. This cat named Saturday was starved to death. After spending a month in the ICU, she is fully recovered and healthy.

41. Grafito burned his eye by car engine and 3 months later, he looks happy and content. I want to pet this cute boy so bad.


42. 2 Kittens were abandoned in the middle of the road. This is Cendre 5 months later.

43. Someone tossed Bella into the parking lot thinking she was dead.

44. Ebola had worms, fleas, and pneumonia. 3 months later, he is cured of all of the diseases.


45. This starved and ill cat was found crying. Now Jordan looks healthy.

46. Eleanor’s owners found her in a dumpster, badly injured.


47. This is Treasure, fully recovered from all of the injuries.


48. Temporarily blind Maisey made a full recovery after being rescued. A beautiful princess.

49. Look at this kitten’s journey from a stray cat to an indoor cat.

50. A starved cat with all her fur gone was found and loved by her owners so much. 2 years later Toma turned into a beautiful grown cat.

51. Everyone mistook this orphaned barn kitten as an alien squirrel. Amazing recovery, Skittles!

52. Abandoned kitten Chiko’s recovery is so beautiful. Here is Chiko at 8 weeks old and 6 months old.

53. This kitten was found hungry, dirty, and ringworm-infested. Misiberto is a gorgeous man now and very much healthy too.

54. A princess thrown in a dumpster. Lola found her throne at her forever home.

55. Say hello to Justin. He is a fire survivor.


56. Bunny was electrocuted and left with many wounds. Here is Bunny fully recovered and loved, as he should be.


57. Once rescued from a gutter, Louie has grown into an extremely joyful cat.


58. Arwen, a handsome Siamese cat, was abandoned in the basement. Here he is after a year.

59. Tommy was poisoned and dumped on the street. His slow recovery and his big terrified eyes break my heart. But Tommy is in safe hands now.

60. This delicate little kitten was found in a car wheel well. Kayle is loved in her new home.


Cats are the most lovable animals. They give and receive so much love. As a person who loves cats dearly and has rescued countless cats, it is heartwrenching to see how cruel and evil people are out there. Torturing innocent and helpless creatures for fun. It is sickening and has disturbed me very deeply. In my opinion, the government should take this matter seriously and take strict actions against animal abusers. Share with us your rescue stories in the comments down below.


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