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27 Dogs Trying To Bend Human Rules In Hilarious Ways

Rules are meant to be broken.

I know we have always been taught to follow the law and rules that are set out for us. However, as we all know, there is no fun in that and even dogs are well aware of that. Although the reasoning behind why dogs don’t follow all your rules is pretty simple. It isn’t because they find it fun to bend those rules, it is because they show affection for their behavior. And while you might teach them to not get on the bed and think they are disobeying you.


But most of the time, a dog will come to sleep with you on the bed or sit on the couch that is a no-zone with you is because they have a natural instinct to be part of a pack. And for them, their human is always the leader. So one might get annoyed by their adorableness but that is just their way of showing how much they love you. But the following doggos are taking this to a whole new level.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say they are doing this deliberately.

#1 Technically not fully on the couch.

#2 His chin is beneath the table.

Via Daily Doge

#3 A clever way to get in the room.

Via blh2

#4 ‘I will waste away without food hooman.’

Via return_of_itsy

#5 They didn’t say anything about the cushions.

Via The_Sass

#6 ‘Can I get some pets now?’

Via anonim1230

#7 Being in the couch is completely different.

Via RainingDinosaurs

#8 Just came in here to say hello.

Via sampattterson

#9 How can anyone say no to that face?

Via kittenkaboodle17

#10 ‘Is that food I can smell?’

Via Dwarfgoat

#11 The blanket keeps the sofa safe.

Via Dreadqueen_EN

#12 The kids did it first.

Via iMau5

#13 Are those for me?

Via schweers

#14 I’ll just lick the table until you give me food.

Via reddit

#15 I want to get in the car as well.

Via oversette

#16 Is it okay if I do this?

Via Biffjedidiah

If we were being technical here, I would say none of these dogs outright broke the rules their humans had set forth. They were merely thinking outside the box and achieved their goal. Honestly, a lawyer would be very proud of these doggos in finding loopholes. If their masters didn’t want this to happen, they should have been more clear so I am going to put all the blame on the humans and none on the precious dogs that we all love so much. After all, they can do no wrong.

#17 One paw is touching the ground.

Via dresden

#18 Kitchen should never be a no-zone.

Via sydleismith

#19 The tip of my paws is in the hallway.

Via Protosynesis

#20 The baby will be fine for the moment.

Via banpeiSFReport

#21 Pretty please?

Via Jamesev93

#22 I am just following the rules.


#23 How can you eat in front of me?

Via kayleeluke

#24 Nobody said anything about the armrest.

Via calicojack1

#25 No paws are touching the couch.

Via Jessica2590

#26 Slightly bending the rules.

Via corruptcake

#27 The second floor is a no-zone.

Via CannibalVegan

#28 I only want to take a selfie.

Via cutestcactus

#29 We will come for you when you are asleep.

Via marcyjo26

How does your pet tend to bend the rules? Or are they totally obedient? Let us know down in the comments below.


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