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21 Times Cat Owners Realised That Cats And Plants Can’t Live Together

Cat or plant? You can only have one at a time.

If you are a cat lover and a plant lover, sorry to tell you but you can only have one at a time. Your little furry friend cannot see you giving attention to the plants. You might bring expensive plants to add to your garden or bring new flowers from the nearby shop but if you have a cat at home, your little pet wouldn’t let it sit in your home. The adorable, attention-seeking cat will give you a hard time maintaining plants at home. These furry cats can make anything their bed and planters are one of their favorite resting places. We have always heard, you can not have everything in your life and this harsh reality explains the situation pretty well. Cat or the plants? The decision is yours and we are sure you will choose your little furry friend.


Cats and plants are not compatible at all and here, we have valid evidence of how your life would look like if you have plants and cats in your house at the same time:

1. Let me play with the flowers, please?

Credits: Begrudgingup-vote/reddit

2. First day of gardening and look at her.


Credits: gmmosh/reddit

3. This is how angry she can get.


Credits: jamidodger/reddit

4. Beautiful bundle of fur can fit into anything.


Credits: PonderousLime/reddit


5. Nice things or cats? Your choice.


Credits: ChowMeiMain/reddit

6. Now I know!


Credits: essential-notions/reddit

7. Now who will clean all this mess?


Credits: Altruistic-Calendar1/reddit

8. Mission accomplished.


Credits: ylcard/reddit

9. All the places to sit, but she would choose plants.


Credits: lampoom/reddit

10. That face is telling everything.


Credits: emiceel/reddit

11. I didn’t do that.

Credits: SymphonyForTheDevil/reddit

No matter how many new beds do you get for your kitty, it will go and rest in the new planter that you have got. No matter how far or how high do you place your plants, your cat will have its way to get to the plant and fit in there. Kitties like sitting and sleeping in the planters because the soil provides them the perfect kind of environment they need for rest. These little fluffers love ruining the planters and throwing the mud all over the floor, so now you have to deal with it. They would break the pots and would act all innocent like they have not done anything.

12. You can’t even gift your wife roses.


Credits: steppedinhairball/reddit

13. Little plant, you can’t hide from me.

Credits: nwesterne/reddit

14. Planter is her favorite bed.


Credits: jpezzulli

15. No regrets.

Credits: SenioritaBongarita/reddit

16. Your plant is my litter box.


Credits: rabidoverlord/reddit

17. After all, I’m a cat.

Credits: Calicko44/reddit

18. If I fit, I sit. No arguments.


Credits: goram_it_all/reddit

19. Taking advantage of online meeting.

Credits: Fat-Goosey

20. It’s clear, who’s the boss!


Credits: radbrad777/reddit

21. Even fake plants are not safe.

Credits: reddit

Now you have witnessed yourself and it is very clear that cats and plants are not compatible at all. Now, you decide whether you want to keep your fluffy cat or the plants. Even if you choose to keep the plants, we already warn you, they will be ruined. Next time you go to the nearby flower/plants shop and decide to buy some plants/flowers for your house, we suggest you think one last time. Cats or plants? Let us know in the comments down below which one will you choose?


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