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40 Independent Working Dogs Who Took Their Life In Their Own Paws

Dogs are slowing taking over the jobs for humans.

And we are not even angry at them for that. Because to be honest, they are doing a better job than we ever could. While you might have only seen a dog working in the police force. The reality is that people hire doggos for many other important jobs.

From helping people when they don’t feel well, being there in therapy sessions, to taking the load off of you in a supermarket, these dogs do it all. And it’s about time that they get the appreciation they deserve.

So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Reddit

#1 The helpful doggo.


I took my dog to the vet today and met this guy. The sign underneath is the best part.

#2 Lightening the load.


My local hardware has a dog that follows you around, and takes your items to the counter for you.

#3 Helping children testify.


#4 Doggo lifeguards in Croatia.


#5 Doing God’s work.


My buddies dog who is trained to dig up Sea Turtle nests so they can be safely incubated and set free after the hatch.

#6 At the post office.


Jax is the official stamp licker at the post office.

#7 A flower assistant.

This flower shop has a flower assitant who needed to take a break in a flower bed.

#8 Saving bird lives.


Pilot scares away all the birds who might otherwise come in to contact with aircraft at Vancouver Airport.

#9 Game developer.

Goodboi doggo, Uuno, works very hard as a video game developer.

#10 Making a lot of dough.


My truffle hunter with the 18oz of white truffles she found today.

#11 This adorable puppy helping the police.

#12 Funeral home.


The newest employee at our funeral home, Luna. The sleepy comfort pup.

#13 Mnswear store.

This is Oreo and he’s the greeter at our menswear store!

#14 Welcoming guests.


This bar I go to has a roof where the security guard stays in one spot to welcome guests.

#15 Doggos training for their job.

#16 Seach and rescue.


This is Pickle, a certified search dog for BC Search & Rescue. Here he is posing proudly with a shoe he found.

#17 Kisses for all.

Meet Hope! She gave kisses and candy at the airport on Valentine’s day.

#18 Post office assistant.


Barney is assistant and all-round good boy at the Post Office in Drumshambo, County Leitrim, Ireland.

#19 Helping the boss with the car.

#20 The best staff morale officer.


#21 Easing travel worries.

Met this good girl at the San Diego airport. She’s there to brighten your day and ease your travel anxieties.

#22 Therapy sessions.


All the good therapy doggos at the hospital.

#23 Body shop service.

Heckin good boy helped me at the body shop today after I got into an accident. Best customer service I’ve had in a while.

#24 Detective canine.


Met a very good boy today, complete with his own business cards.

#25 The LCC comfort dog.


#26 Compassionate doggo.


Meet Aunt B, a young mini doodle with a very important job. She works for funeral homes, as a comfort dog for people who’ve lost loved ones.

Her life is filled with love as she brings love to all. 100/10 for this compassionate woof.

#27 Official emotional support.

Sammy is the official emotional support and greeter dog at the psychiatrist office where I work.

Licks and love are his specialties.

#28 Cheering up patients.


This is Rusty. He volunteers at my local hospital cheering up patients. He never leaves home without his glasses and work bandana.

He is so famous and loved by the public, that the hospital commissioned a painting of Rusty to commemorate his work.

#29 Dog at the print shop.

#30 The office manager keeping everyone in line.


#31 Urging you to exercise.

#32 Working with a smile.


My Jerry-girl is a registered therapy dog. She is all smiles at work!

#33 Scientist.

Credits: Bunsen

Our Bernese Mountain Dog, visits my high school kids, and helps with science.

#34 Doggo concierge.


#35 Skiing resort.

This cute pupper helps people with epileptic seizures on the ski hill!

#36 On the phone with a customer.


#37 First day at the office.

#38 Top notch security in Shanghai.


#39 Reference doggos for games.

Dogs working hard and going to be virtualized forever in the Last of Us 2.

#40 The best bartender ever.


Finn bartends when he’s not helping my sister with her vertigo.

What do you think of these doggos working hard at their jobs? Comment down below and let us know.


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