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Cats Get Hilariously Bizarre Likes And Dislikes To Help Get Them Adopted

Every animal deserves to be happy.

Adopting a cat can change lives. The animal will finally have a forever home and someone to care for them. The human will have a partner for life and someone to love. If only people knew about the comfort animals provide, there wouldn’t be 2.7 million unadopted animals stuck in shelters every year. Every cat deserves their human and a home, that’s why so many people have been spreading awareness about animal adoption.


A project by the name of Obvious Plant has been known to raise adoption awareness by leaving silly signs on the doors of animal cages. These are hilarious and they’re also helping many of the cats get adopted. What a lovely gesture! He lists the cat’s likes and dislikes on a sign. These are going to crack you up. Read them down below:

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This happened on a shelter named Sante D’Or Adoption Center.

1. Delores


Ah, I hate it when that happens.

2. Dinky


“What do you take me for?!”

3. Leche


Leche is woke.

4. Honey


I know right, Honey? Birds are dumb.

5. Lola


Lola has a dark past.

6. Sabrina


We all know which one.

7. Sylvia


Jazz musicians are such wannabes.

8. Zeta


Zeta might also stare into the void every now and then.

I would always support #AdoptNotShop. It will help stop breeders and animals that need a home will finally have a chance to witness the life-changing event of finding a forever home. Your pet is going to be there for you whenever you need them. It is a huge emotional support. If you don’t own a pet, I would recommend adopting one ASAP. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

9. Grace


Grace believes in diversity.

10. Troy

Okay, who is responsible for this word?

11. Guinevere


People like that are directly related to Satan.

12. Mishka

Advertisement by UDM

That must look adorable. Now I know who to appoint as my secretary.

13. Gus


Tennis is the superior sport.

14. Camille

Camille lacks a sense of humour.

15. Choccy


Choccy out here judging 90s bands.

16. Obi

Obi isn’t a fan of hipsters.

Would you adopt any one of these adorable babies? And why? Let us know your thoughts in the comics below.


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