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50 Cats Owners Who Spent Money On Gifts For Their Cats And Regretted It

It would be fair to say that cats are a mystery and that is certainly something NOT easy to solve. These mystical creatures are apparently pretty smart, very royal in their comportment, and gorgeous-looking. Sometimes they just choose to act stupid, possibly on purpose. They are pretty rebellious in nature, if you tell them to do something they’ll probably do the opposite.


These notorious furry friends of ours surely know that we’re a big fan of their feline qualities and that is why they keep themselves very close to our hearts. They mostly cash this affection, they test our patience to the limit and across sometimes – no wonder we still are crazy about our kitties because they are our little bonny babies.

Some cat behaviors still need a lot of explanation, the science is determined to unravel the secrets behind these cat behaviors. They can be pretty non-predictive. Let’s say you buy your cat a pretty expensive cat toy but it still chooses to play with its box… I mean you ain’t that stupid puss!

Here are some more examples of owners, who like spoiling these little brats with expensive treats as well as gifts but they choose to be thankless instead and it’s hilarious!!

1. TADAA! Where’s the grocery?

I’m the grocery.

2. Just bought a new scratching post for my cat but oh well…

via Captain_Ashley_Bob

Told you, I like the boxes more

3. Bought a cat bed for $25 and she decided to sleep on the dust pan!? A DUST PAN!?

via anyboozewilldo

Why do you need a bed when you can easily fit into a pan, hooman?

4. This was supposed to be a scratching post…

via  Lo0ody-

Cat, you were supposed to scratch your paws apparently, not your belly…

5. If you thought I was kidding about the expensive scratching post not being as cool as the boxes they came in, you were wrong.

via  fnordstar

Another of the cat logics

6. Why do you expect me to sleep inside this, hooman?

via  Youheartbeth

I like it more outside

7. Just when you think cats cannot get any weirder, they prove you wrong.


They’d sit literally anywhere!

8. Ahh, what a comfy spot!


Loafing on the table is fun

9. Just ruined my $30 because my cat still decided to drink water from the sink.

via UninhabitedMan

This feels better, hooman!

10. Not buying anything else for my cat, ever again!

via angrymallard

11. What? I was feeling cold!

Either I am selling this bed away or getting a new cat

12. That’s why you should never get a cat bed for your cat.

via falcores

Boxes are my thing, hooman.

13. That’s the only way I could convince her to use the bed.

via MrK9182

That’s pretty smart actually

14. And she wouldn’t chill in the cat condo that I bought for her. Nope, no sir.

via coldkev

Peek a boo!

15. “I Bought My Cat A $30 Water Fountain And She Chose To Spill My Drink And Lick It Off The Carpet”

Can we swap? You take the fountain and I take your glass…

16. They start from the left.


17. Nothing is more interesting than a plastic bag, right? RIGHT?

18. What’s for dinner, honey?


“Idk, our cat won’t let me serve anything!”

19. Money wasted.

And I surrender!

20. Cat chilling inside the pillow.


I don’t need a cat bed.

21. A cat bed? No thanks, I’ll have your jeans instead.

Purr-fect spot

22. Won’t let me work.


I’m sorry boss, my cat is SLEEPING on my laptop.

23. Batman is here.

24. What is the name of this plant? Can you tell?

Just please don’t water me…

25. Guarding and chilling with the baby.

Why are these fuzzies so obsessed with boxes and shopping bags so much? What is so interesting about these cardboard cartons? I guess we can never figure out that mystery. Also, one thing is for sure, the next time you think of buying your cat a gift, go for a box and your cat would be happy. MAYBE.

It’s not that our kitties don’t like the expensive gifts we buy for them, it’s just that they might like appreciating the little things in life which otherwise go unnoticed. Went too deep? Yeah, we know. Let’s just start scrollin’ now, shall we?

26. Why would he wanna sit in my pants?


27. Chillin’ in my jaccuzi.


Another of its favorite spot to be.

28. Dog, you better stay away from my BOX!

29. Talk about cats sleeping in the most weird places.


No vacation without me.

30. I mean she was literally trying to fit inside this purse?

Mom’s bag feels warm just like her…

31. No, that’s not his pants.

32. What do you mean it’s your wife?


33. Excuse me, mister. Have you seen my cat?

Meowable light lamp

34. Finally, a gift that my cat likes.

Any gifts involving cardboard boxes would do…

35. “Doing Some Cleaning And Neo Found A Box He Fits Perfect In ;)”


What an adorable piece of kitty

36. Chilling like there’s no tomorrow.

Loving the cutout!

37. Why haven’t you submitted your work today, Williams?


CEO – Cat Executive Officer

38. Dis my place, hooman. Your hooman baby can sleep somewhere else.


39. This is my new house.

40. This is such a comfy spot.

Comfy and warm

41. Bed? What bed?


That’s an adorable kitty spot you’ve right there!!!

42. Hey you, yes you! Don’t even think of getting new toys for your cat!

Bottle plastics would do the job.

43. What do you mean it’s your bed?

44. That’s a cool cat … LITERALLY a cool cat.


Not every cat needs a warm bed, right?

45. “The First Thing My Little Girl Knitted Was A Ball So The Cat Could Play…”

46. This bed is enough for us.

Such humble meows

47. Just need an orange bag to chill.


An orange cat in an orange bag.

48. How do you like my new crib, hooman?

A neat and clean kitty

49. Don’t try to get a bed for your cat. I repeat, just don’t get a cat bed!

via mdc017

Hence proved that cat beds are useless

50. Awww… this is so adorable!

Here’s a major meow hug, you’ve reached the end of the blog

No matter how moody these furry creatures may be, they love us and prove that in different ways. Well, we love them no less. By now you’ll have a clear idea of how you can make your kitties super happy, just bring them a piece of plastic or a cardboard box and you’ll be the hero!

Why don’t you tell us what did you get for your cat and did your cat actually utilize it? Do let us know in the comments below, a kitty joke would make our day!


What do you think?