17 Cats Went To Sleep Before Their Humans Had The Time To Blink

Cats love napping more than anything.

If you know cats you would know they are creatures of their own minds. A cat is a very independent creature who basically has zero regrets in terms of anything it does or wants to do. They commit to the task like magnets and don’t really care about what the consequences are going to be. This also makes cats very exciting in terms of the things they do. Cats love playing all day long and won’t stop until they exhaust every microgram of energy in their bodies. A human would normally have to sleep for a very long time in order to recover all that lost energy but cats can manage that will a short power nap. That doesn’t mean cats don’t like to sleep, they absolutely love it, they just don’t use it to recover energy. Instead, sleeping is a hobby. Cats literally love sleeping so much that they would sleep at any time and anywhere just for fun. Yes, Their love for sleep really is something else when you see the place they are found taking a nap.

Today we are going to enjoy some pictures of cats sleeping. They will literally sleep before their humans could even blink.

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1. No she cannot fit in that bowl anymore but she refuses to sleep elsewhere so it is what it is

Via iBleeedorange / Reddit

2. I must sleep on his keyboard so he can’t work today and when I wake up, we continue playing.


Via possiblyexisting1 / Reddit

3. Busy in its dream, teaching ballet to god knows who.


Via venikkot / Instagram

4. Helps his owner by making him uncomfortable while he is working and then going back to chill in his favorite bed.


Via iraguzova / Twitter

5. How can they sleep on such hard surfaces, that too faced down?


Via OPECAMA / Twitter

6. Little baby is napping in a high-five position.


Via sheisadangerouswoman / Reddit

7. When the snuggles and kisses are so soothing, you sleep while receiving them.


Via ssmakov / Reddit

8. Never seen a cat sleep like this? Look away, man.


Via unknown / Reddit

9. Owner planned a hi-fi adventure and this is how his cat enjoyed it.


Via vpdots / Reddit

They look so adorable. What I can’t understand is how can they sleep in the most uncomfortable places and positions, and look very comfortable at the same time. Only animals can do such a thing. Even if sleeping is not a hobby, they deserve it after all the entertainment they provide us all day long.

Let’s enjoy more pictures of cats hitting that snooze button.

10. Cats that sleep together, stay together.


Via VendorOfPosts / Reddit

11. Feline’s favorite place to sleep is on his mommy.

Via jamstylestyle / Reddit

12. Tiny ever so beautiful kitten napping in two palms.

This is so adorable.


Via SbsBraavos / Reddit

13. They all just love napping on their owners, which gives them the highest sense of warmth.

Via bannyd2486 / Reddit

14. “My British shorthair sleeping on his favorite chair”


Via Sharkzee_YT / Reddit

15. “Taking a nap in my wife’s purse”

Via kazz9201 / Reddit

16. They went grocery shopping.


Via mybodyisajacuzzi / imgur

17. “He’s going to be angry when I have to go back to work.”

Via morethanonelily / Reddit

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