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23 Cats Who Know The Art Of Standing Up

Do you know that cats can stand like humans if they are trained to do so?

Yes, cats can stand up like humans if they are trained to do so. They look adorable when they stand up with their two legs. You can just use a treat or a toy to train them. Keep pulling the treats or toys higher every time and they would eventually learn. They will jump at first but then they would learn how to stand up. They are good learners and would hone this skill very fast. Once your adorable catto has learned the skill, just give the command, “stand” and they would quickly show you how they stand up. People who have taught this skill to their cats are proud of their standing cats and this is why they are posting photos of their standing cats in the subreddit r/CatsStandingUp. Today, we have compiled 23 photos of adorable cats who know the art of standing up. So, scroll down!


1. When daddy refuses to move his hand so you get to reach it:

Via: spoonugget

Now we know how much cats like treats.

2. When your cat would not leave you alone even in the bathroom:


Via: almsd1875

3. When you tell him to act like a gentleman:


Via: theoabolonhesa

4. When you watch an intimate scene in a movie for the first time:


Via: grichardson526

5. I am very sure, mama has hidden all the treats here:


Via: BavellyBavelly

I hope, I would find the treats.

6. Gather everyone, I have an announcement to make:


Via: bipolarbear29

7. Hey mommy, pick me up. I want a hug.


Via: koenn

8. Mom, I am not the one who stole your pizza:


Via: mikemaid40

9. Cat: I am the best.


Via: jabbapage

10. Him trying to get in.


Via: BavellyBavelly

He can easily open the door the way he is standing.

11. When your cat is a good singer and a piano artist:

Via: Matt_Carvalho

Cats would stand up only when they are in the mood. So, you can offer a treat or a toy and they would follow your command. Do not you think that our furry felines look adorable when they stand up using two legs and use the other two legs as their hands? Oh my goodness. I love standing cats.

12. Did you notice how long his body is?


Via: ShapeShiftingCats

13. This truck driver is standing while driving:

Advertisement by UDM

Via: Numi18

14. Hey human, give me some treats.


Via: Hood_tao

15. Not sure if it is a Spiderman or a spider cat?

Via: digbickygrene20

Why are cats so underrated?

16. When the views from your window are beautiful:


Via: bfwu

17. Woah, it’s a tiger standing right there:

Via: Ajarofpickles97

18. Hey human, let me show you my talent:


Via: FuriouslyChonky

19. This is me dancing after failing an exam:

Via: FuriouslyChonky

20. Cat: I will make a jump and you have to record, okay?


Via: egonemad

21. When he wants food:

Via: dslusser

22. I am shocked how did he get there:


Via: VQ37HR911

23. Watching an action movie be like:

Via: MissSailorSarah

Do you own a cat who knows the art of standing? If yes, do share its photos with us so we can add them to our list. Do not forget to upvote for these standing cats.


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