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25 People Who Do Not Want To Be Parents Have Hilariously Sassy Things To Say About Childfree Life

While some couples want to get married and have children as soon as possible since our societal norms are so rigid. On the other hand, some couples are more than happy and enjoy their childfree life. Along with children, comes a great deal of responsibilities which can be hard to manage, as well as can even become a burden that a lot of partners don’t want themselves to get into. You have to make sure that you have the right finances for the future of the baby, have enough time to spend with the toddlers, are mentally ready to have children, have them invading your space at all times. I’m sure, some couples would die for having a child and have everything pre-planned before trying to conceive. Other parents, however, are chilling with the decision of the childfree life.

Today, we are going to share a few hilarious tweets of people who absolutely hate being parents and how they are chilling their lives without a child. So, scroll down and amuse yourself!

1. A US citizen right from the beginning.

Via carlissc

2. Babies can be cute too like the puppies, only if they are quieter.

Via OhNoSheTwitnt

3. That piggy bank is gonna get to the rim within a month, I assume.

Via molly7anne

4. Skincare tips right here, after all, it’s all about the hormones.

Via thekellymaclean

5. Lucy right here stated hard facts about the assumption of “Family”.

Via clhubes

6. Never ask why someone is buying a pregnancy test, guys. Not everyone’s hoping for a positive result.

Via witchxcrafter

7. Scam or added expense for the parents? Pampers costs a LOT of money.

Via ShalindaKirby

8. Sounds a bit like the genie in the bottle, Alladin is that you?


9. The creative the costume, the better. “Shush! Halloween before kids”.

Via DestryBrod

10. He does have a valid point, Mom, the funding might change his mind, maybe?

Via So504real

11. Psychological facts 101.

Via DaddysFave_

12. Overpopulation is a growing issue.

Via CrissRad

No, we are not finished yet. We have more Tweets coming up ahead. Keep scrollin’ and if you’re part of the childfree community, I’m sure you’ll find at least one tweet that would be relatable for you in one way or the other. So, let’s see which one can you relate to.

13. The societal norms have to be changed.

Via Bequian

14. He does make a valid point, a baby should have the proper food and shelter provided.

Via CaptainArinze

15. Well that is a unique point of view.

Via TheRachelFisher

16. Yeah, like having a baby does not hurt, AT ALL!.

Via molly7anne

17. Parenthood is not an easy job.

Via  slackmistress

18. Are you a Pediatrician or Veterinarian?

Via stupidoldandy

19. Advertising agencies need to take some tips from this man.

Vi HenpeckedHal

20. Well there are 2 people here with the same thought, how ironic.

Via ninisalinass

21. Infants are the only ones able to cry.

Via dafloydsta

22. Women who are childfree do surely get a lot of rest.

Via ElizaBayne

23. The friend is just obsessing over their cute baby, just like you would obsess over cute animals.

Via mdob11

24. Unless the kids move out after they’re 18.

Via EmiBarry

25. Age is just a number, swings are fun!

Via JessFink

It’s quite interesting to see how so many people have different views on how not having kids can be beneficial and stress-free in so many ways. We should as a community respect the individuals who decide to not have children and even if they do, let them have the capability and strength to raise their children into fine adults. The generation has to move forward somehow. While those who do decide to sit back and enjoy their time with their partner not having the stress of having kids and their upbringing, may life offer you much more exciting moments than having society tell you what you should or should not do. Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!


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