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10 Choosing Beggars Whose Entitlement Blinding Them So Much They Wanted Everything For Free

Where do beggars get the confidence to choose?

These people really are in a league of their own. It blows my mind how confidently they approach companies or other people for a freebie. Back in the day, influencers made this a megatrend by asking for free products in exchange for a social media review They are all now collectively known as beggars and it is very clear that in no way they can be choosers. I cannot pay you for putting in overtime when you slept through that over time, that’s just now how it works. Have you ever wondered what enhances their confidence to demand free stuff? It’s the entitlement that they carry so proudly in their souls. Entitlement is a tool that inflates your ego enough to blind you into thinking you are at the top, everyone is inferior to you, everything you say is right, and what you demand you shall receive.

Unfortunately for these entitled choosing beggars, the world has changed a lot and now it is a bit tougher to trick humans than before. But these choosing beggars will always continue to exist and will always provide us with hilarious content. We live for a choosing beggar demanding everything for nothing and absolutely failing at it. Today we are going to cherish some moments where beggars were caught confidently choosing, thanks to their entitlement.

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1. It started off pretty okay with the whole hospital visit and everything but then the beggar attained their full form and went absolutely crazy with the demands.

Via u/Fillmaff

2. He says the world doesn’t owe you a living but if you go 3 texts back, you will notice the beggar asking for a FREE wedding song. The irony is massive.


Via u/cooladventures5

3. One thing choosing beggars are professionals at doing is exploiting the niceness of a nice person. They agreed to donate and this person decided to open their mouth wider than a hippo.


Via u/NarutoNamii

4. Not agreeing to my demands? Here, take this terrible review.


Via u/DRstoppage

5. Why do they all start off so nicely and suddenly transform into beggars like they have been doing it for ages? This is infuriating.


Should ask for all those accessories too. He will bless you the way he did with the tickets.

Via u/secretturtle09

My god! These posts are not easy to read. You feel so angry as you go through the heavy-duty demands. Who even gave you the right to demand like that? Seriously, these people are a lost cause. I only have one question, is it the entitlement that has rotten them, or is it them being choosing beggars? Or maybe it is a blend of both. Whatever it is, all I know is none of these personality traits are nice and everyone should stay away from acquiring such a personality.

I know it is a very infuriating thing to do but let’s take a look at some more entitled beggars being choosers. Scroll down to continue.

6. All of that for $20 a day. Seems like a really good deal only for a dumb person.


Via u/OrangeExo

7. I cannot stop laughing at this person’s confidence.


Via u/cree340

8. Doesn’t want to go to the library and get the books for her kids for free just because she fears they might lose them and she will have to pay for the books. The only reason why she made the post was to get the books for free.


Via u/UnlikelyDirection633

9. Did he have a revelation that this person would wash his car for free? Did he really think they won’t tell him the price?


Via u/Holy18holy

10. Spend your time at our event taking pictures and get two free tickets. What will they do with the ticket? Clean the lens?


Via u/AdriHoward

What do you guys have to say about these entitled beggars? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

I hope you guys enjoyed this one. Stay tuned for more.


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