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Teacher Plans An Elaborate Revenge On Lazy Seniors Since They Can’t Stop Mooching Off Other Students

teacher is tired of you

School isn’t easy for everyone.

Even though school is necessary for children to learn the fundamental skills they need to thrive in life, it is not easy for everyone. Even if we don’t discuss the social implications, we aren’t all meant to be geniuses. So, no matter how hard you try, you may not always be the top student at your school. Although, hard work, does usually pays off, and you’ll get somewhere close. However, this is also dependent on your teacher. Whether they genuinely care about their students and are willing to be the bad teacher in order to make them learn, or if they are simply going through the motions.


If anything, I can safely say that the teacher in the following story genuinely cares about their students, albeit in a very different way than we are accustomed to. The teacher cared so much about them that they were willing to throw them in the deep end and see who survived. Some call it vengeance or justice, but I call it motivation. Because the teacher gave everyone a fair chance, whatever happens in the future is not the teacher’s fault. However, this is going to be a wild and long ride, so buckle up.

Scroll down to see for yourself and enjoy the justice boner.

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This is going to be one heck of a story and the title doesn’t do it justice.

And it is also dedicated to all the people who had to bear the brunt of group projects.


We start off with some background on this particular teacher.


They are known to be harsh but fair around the school.


And they never pick on anyone specifically treating everyone equally.


They also never broke the policy so the parents never had ammunition.


Apparently, this school had a lot of kids with entitled parents.


We are still not in the meat of the story but this is where it gets interesting.


This is where we meet the seniors who wreaked havoc on the class.


They clearly did not care about education.


All they wanted was to have fun.

However, this also meant that the other kids had to join them where group projects were concerned.


Even worse than the kids were their parents.

They were apparently quite used to suing others and employed this method regularly.


This meant that a lot of teachers were scared of their kids.

But this particular person did not care and judged these kids fairly.


The teacher gave everyone plenty of opportunities.

But they apparently did not care at all.


The seniors were hopping from group to group never settling.

And nobody wanted them at this point.


But the students didn’t want to sue the contract for fear of retaliation.

Everyone’s morale was going doing but what could change?


So that is when an idea popped into the teacher’s mind.

The teacher tried to pay close attention to the senior’s overall grades.

And how they were doing in other classes.

They were getting through them through only because of mooching off others.


This is when things started to become tasty.


And nobody knew what was next.

Something interesting was going to happen and nobody knew it.


It was the harshest for the seniors who had ditched on that particular day.

The teacher wanted to teach them to be responsible.

But this didn’t work out the way they had hoped.


The result was sadly exactly the same.

And the entitled parents came running in.

After all, they didn’t want their entitled kid to suffer.


The seniors did everything they could to get out of this.

But they weren’t going to get away easily from this.

The parents tried their best to change the teacher’s mind.


But it wasn’t going to happen no matter what they did.

The teacher gave them plenty of options but the seniors didn’t want to do any work.

The seniors got every consideration that they could have hoped for.


The parents tried to blame the teacher but they didn’t have the evidence.

And that is when things went downhill quite quickly.

The projects were in and the seniors were seriously stuck now.


The seniors didn’t know how to get out of this one.

So once again the parents came marching in.

Even his parents are tired at this point.


And basically, tell him to own up to his mistakes.

It was all over in some way.

But it was only just the beginning in some other ways.

A parent wanted the teacher to tutor her precious child.

And that is exactly what was happening until things went south once again.

It was all because of another senior who wanted this teacher to get fired.

Larry hadn’t realized that he had shot himself in the foot.

Even the last-ditch effort from some parents was pathetic.

And that is how they ended up with low grades overall.

It was basically all falling down for them.

But there was no one to blame but themselves.

The ending result was glorious.

And every lazy senior got their comeuppance.

They realized that money can’t buy you intelligence.

And that hard work is necessary sometimes.

We also got a few questions answered.

And an explanation as to why the teacher doesn’t think it was all that cruel.

I would honestly love to hear more similar stories.

We also get an answer for why this school has so many group projects.

All this teacher wants is for you to appreciate the teachers that got you here.

What do you think about this lengthy but detailed story? Have you ever had a similar experience? Or was your teacher determined to ruin your school experience? Please let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this story with your friends so they can get enjoy sweet revenge as well.


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