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14 Tweets Of Cats Doing The Weirdest Things

Cats will be cats.

We all love cats. They are really versatile. Sometimes they are playful and goofy, sometimes they will skin you alive if you touch them, and other times they are just plain weird. Have you ever heard a cat make demonic sounds while eating? If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky because that sound is pure nightmare material. I love my cats, but sometimes they make me wonder if they are possessed by Satan or something.


We’ve seen enough pictures and videos of cats being adorable or funny. It is now time to see the weird side of them. Trust me, you won’t regret this either. Here are 10+ Tweets of cats doing the weirdest things:

1. That is a weird introduction.

Via etrnl_classic

2. Your fate is in my hands, kitty.

Via ManuclearBomb

3. This cat is running away from his problems just like I do.

Via itsashlyperez

4. Rabbits are terrifying. We understand you, kitty.

Via TheDreamGhoul

5. Weird flex, but okay.

Via radtoria

6. Batcat!

Via /jeruslayem999

7. Sit down, be humble.

Via bastardrobocop

I’m a crazy cat lady. And my cats are just as crazy as me, maybe slightly more. I had one particular fawn coloured Persian cat, who would stand up on two legs every time it was being yelled at or was in trouble. One time my mother was yelling at him for pooping on the bed, it stood up on two legs and ran out of the room. It was bizarre and I really wish I had made a video.

8. Um, buddy, I don’t think that’s how it works.

9. That isn’t a cat. That is James Bond.

10. I have rewatched this an ungodly amount of times.

11. This is disgusting. Why would anyone share this?

12. Someone teach this cat how to run.

13. Tricks.

14. Who says only dogs chase their own tails?

Do you have any weird cat moments to share? Let us know in the comments below.



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