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17 Times Owning Pets Was Like Being On A Comedy Show

Dumb or not, these pets are surely adorable!

Our pets are always the closest to us. Everything about them is embedded in our human hearts and everything about them makes us happy. Whether they do dumb things or act careless or destructive. Our love for them never decreases instead pet owners find a way to love them for who they are and accept their beautiful flaws. Even if they have to buy new couches every 3 months because their dogs destroyed them or if their cats tore their clothes, does not matter if their dogs chewed on their shoes to the point they become unwearable or even if their cats scratch their favourite books. Their love for their beloved pets never goes away. Because pet owners know this reality that when you have a pet in your house, there is always a reason to laugh and feel loved. Our beloved pets make our house feel homely and our days with them full of joy all thanks to these little adorable creatures.

Your pet might do something eerie or confusing and you might sometimes think they hate you. For example, they might throw at you some serious judgmental looks from underneath glass coffee tables when you are just trying to eat in peace and enjoy your food, you better feed them too whatever you are eating. They can ruin your favourite pair of newly bought shoes or the makeup product you love the most. It is always the least expected thing that they destroy. They also find the most unusual places to take a nap and usually never respond to one call for their name so you can worry the whole time before they decide you have had enough and come out from their hiding places. Always expect the unexpected with your pets, and be cautious because some might even leave their paw prints on the dough you just made so dearly before you can blink Whoosh! A new design for apple pie. Cat paw-pie.

The list can go on for days, for real. You and I, pet owners, know very well that if we were to enlist all of the troubles these cute little babies make then we would have no time to show you the actual pictures of these pets getting caught in their act of stupidity, carelessness and in their destruction mode. Keep on scrolling down to see these images for yourself…

1. “My cat likes to sit on this bean bag chair and hang out while I’m gaming. Yes, his feet are dangling, not a care in the world.”


© o2beast / Reddit

2. “I regret getting a glass coffee table.”


© h**grandma / Reddit

3. “I was making ravioli and walked away for 2 minutes!”


© fujitakeout / Reddit

4. “Any questions, human?”


© TopWatermellon / Reddit

5. “Apparently, the water cooler is the new cat bed.”


© R17333 / Reddit

6. “Hey human, my lower back is a bit tight today. But please don’t apply too much pressure.”


© hepclip / Reddit

7. “These rolls are homemade.”

© arr11235 / Reddit

8. “I made my new kitten a toy.”


© PauseButton / Reddit

Oh, my God! How cute was that dog waiting for his masseuse pet owner to do his massage? Ah, the luxuries we give to our pets, I wish someone spoiled me like that too. Also, I have been laughing at that cat’s unbothered facial expressions towards her owner even when she was caught in her act of destroying the toilet paper roll. She looked rather annoyed and done with her owner for disturbing her during her playtime. Bad, bad owner. These pets are still very cute and very much loved by their owners that is for sure. I know how much time and effort it takes to make the perfect consistency of the dough but within the blink of an eye it got ruined by their pet cat, I would cry and blame myself for not looking out for the cat and I am sure that is exactly that person did as well. What else could they do? They had to throw out the dough because they could not do that with their cat no matter how much they get on their nerves. It is just like you are raising extremely spoiled and ill-mannered 3-year-old children when it comes to having cats and dogs as your pets. There is no other solution than to put up with their baggage, and be happy and accepting. Family is family, nothing can make you stop loving them. Keep on scrolling, we have more pictures for you…

9. “My greyhound was snoozing under blankets in her bed but then decided she wanted to look out the kitchen window.”

© cw_anderson / Reddit

10. “I’m a kitchen appliance now. Put food in me.”


© Spyder756 / Reddit

11. “Jumped into a pool of mud today. Post bath guilt: 10/10 would do it again!”

© HappyHippyToo / Reddit

12. “Our new location for this painting did not disappoint.”


© Adventurous-Bee-2492 / Reddit

13. “Everyone: ’Oh, this cold weather is so nice. My dogs love it.’ My dogs:”

© dogmom050502 / Reddit

14. “Every morning he waits until I get up, immediately reclines in the warm spot, then judges me as I get ready.”


© TheLankyIndian / Reddit

15. “We have 2 types of cats. Their personalities are represented in one picture.”

© glormimanutd / Reddit

16. “He wants me to throw his frisbee. I don’t have the heart to tell him it’s not there anymore.”


© borosillycut_ / Reddit

17. “Our cat isn’t happy about our door-opening response time…”


© Humblegreat / Reddit

Am I insane or do I actually find all of these images extremely cute? Even the dog that destroyed the frisbee and the cat that gives his owner death glares every morning as a greeting when they wake up. All of these seemed to be absolutely adorable to me for some reason, I can not deny, I think I kind of love the carelessness of these animals. Maybe that is exactly the reason why we love them so much because we want to be like them. To live without any care in the world, get fed, loved and pampered by your loved ones even if you act like a spoiled brat and does not matter if you destroy valuables. Ah, that sounds like a dream to me. I know you guys feel the same way, that must be the major reason why we pet owners love our spoiled babies. we treat them the way we wish we were treated. Wow, did I just crack the code or something? Anyways, tell us the most expensive thing of yours that your pet destroyed and you let it pass as if it was not a big deal. We would love to hear your story in the comments down below…


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