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30 Comics That Perfectly Portray Parenting And Social Issues


Speaking out on social issues can be difficult,

It’s no secret that minorities often face unique challenges and discrimination. However, when they try to share their experiences, they are often met with scepticism and indifference from others who may dismiss their struggles as commonplace or accuse them of seeking attention or special treatment. Despite this, many people refuse to remain silent and instead choose to protest for their rights in a variety of ways, such as taking to the streets or using their creative talents to illustrate and write about the issues.


One such artist who has dedicated their craft to addressing social issues through illustration is the creator of “Blobby and Friends,” a series of relatable comics. Although the artist’s identity remains a mystery, it’s clear that they are deeply passionate about the world and use their artistic talents to create simple, yet powerful four-panel comics that concisely portray important issues. The main character, Blobby, is a fish-like creature who serves as a relatable voice for everyday people, shedding light on the challenges and issues they face in their daily lives.

I encourage you to read the comics for yourself by scrolling below.

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#1 Harmful phrases.

Everyone is dealing with something.

#2 Setting boundaries.


It is perfectly okay to say no.

#3 Pay close attention.


It can happen to anyone.

#4 Other side of the argument.


Nobody likes the taste of their own medicine.

#5 It is never too early.


Rac*sm is taught after all.

#6 Real friends look out for you.


This is something that a lot of people have to worry about.

#7 Going on a run.


Stop looking rather than blaming someone else.

#8 Greyhounds in turtlenecks.


Animals in clothes always look adorable.

#9 Intrusive thoughts.


Who hasn’t thought about this before?

#10 Hypocritical people.


It’s okay if you do it but not the other way around.

#11 Blobby puffing up.

#12 Permanent tattoos.


It is our choice at the end of the day.

#13 It’s all bromance.

Just homies being homies. According to historians, they were just ‘roommates.’

#14 Everyone has hair on their body.


It should be your choice whether you want to get rid of it or not.

#15 No self-realization.

The world would be a much better place if everything worked like in these comics. The characters in the comics either realize their errors or receive the karma they deserve. However, even if real life isn’t like that, we can learn a lot from these comics. After all, acceptance is the key to society, and if we learn to listen to people and understand why they are angry, we may develop a bit more empathy which is necessary in this day and age.

#16 Fake support.


It is all about the money.

#17 Red flags.

All very evident red flags.

#18 Flirting.


Not everyone is good at flirting.

#19 Feeling lightheaded.

Getting close to your crush.

#20 Guilty pleasures.


They might not be Oscar-worthy but they are fun to watch.

#21 Finding your twin.

It is usually not a bad thing.

#22 Jealousy.


#23 Origin story.

#24 In your own head.

Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns.

#25 Perfect strike.

#26 How others see you.

#27 Hard-worker.


#28 Conversation surprise.

Not where I thought it was going to go.

#29 Blobby, the player.


#30 Life-saver.

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