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Man Publicly Shames Wife’s Friend For Disrespecting Waitress, Asks If He’s Wrong

Anyone who has worked in customer service knows the unpleasant truckload of experiences that come with interacting with excessively entitled people. It is actually up to each and every one of us to act morally upright and make an effort to improve people’s daily lives somewhat. Scroll down to witness a story where a woman was called out for being arrogant and disrespectful towards staff.

1. Here’s how the story starts. OP’s wife had a friend who was angry and snappy but had to remain friends with her for valid reasons…

Font - AITA for calling my wife's friend out for how she treated our waitress? A little background: My (23M) wife (22F) has a friend who she has known for around 10 years, and who met during highschool. We got along pretty well in school, but over the years she has become much quicker to anger, snaps at every little thing, and has on several occasions screamed at my wife for wanting to spend time with me at home rather than go out to the bar. Despite all of this, my wife has stayed friends with

2. The event that upset OP was her wife’s friend being rude to the waitress at the restraint as she couldn’t wait for two minutes to be seated 

Font - The event that caused this specific issue happened a few days ago. My town had its annual jubilee parade, which is a huge occasion and generally brings in massive crowds for a rodeo, downtown party, and a big music festival at the end of the weekend. This also means every single restaurant is absolutely packed to the brim. My wife and I met her friend at one of the restaurants in town, and it took only around 30 seconds for said friend to snap at one of the hostesses for not seating us im

3. Even while eating, the friend was criticizing the staff for being too late, despite them being packed, and started praising herself 

Font - It took around 10 minutes to get our drink order in, which again the restaurant was absolutely packed. When the waitress came by with our drinks, the friend berated her for taking so long, but shut up once we put our food order in. We get our food about 20 minutes later, and things are quiet as we're eating. However, my wife's friend began to criticize the wait staff for how long they were taking to do things, and saying things like, "I've worked in the food industry, you wouldn't see me

4. While leaving, OP tipped the waitress more than half of the bill, to which the friend got infuraited and told him not too. At this point, OP had to call her out, he immediately embarrassed her by saying she’s acting like the child and the waitress deserves that, friend left the place, wife later argued he shouldn’t have had done this, AITA?

Font - The tipping point for me, ironically, was when we were leaving, and I was leaving behind the tip for our waitress. I went higher than usual (somewhere around 55% of the bill) because our waitress looked incredibly stressed and tired. The friend, seeing me putting the cash down, asks in a very snarky tone, "why are you tipping at all for such sh t service?" I should mention that the waitress was standing right there the whole time. I went off on the friend for this, telling her she needs t

5. We all know that some basic manners don’t hurt anyone, and what OP did was right 

Font - NTA You made the wait staff there so happy by calling her out and kind of defending them. Her behaviour was already embarrassing and humiliating, she just didn't realize it. If she acted like a reasonable adult then maybe she wouldn't have needed to be called out at all, but that's not the case. I'm worried about your wife and why she would let this person stay in her life while not addressing this behaviour. I know they're old friends but that sounds so exhausting. +| 6 Reply 4 402 3 ..

6. Absolutely, as she got offended, she must have had thought about the staff too 

Rectangle - Tomarerax • 14h Partassipant [2] NTA - She doesn't get embarrassed when she's calling the staff out G Reply 4 283 3 ...

7. The wife really needs to go look for some new friends 

Font - clumsyumbrella · 14h NTA - people like this need to be called out on their behavior. I hope your wife gets some better friends. G Reply 4 30 ...

8. This is also some good insight, even if OP told her the same thing in private she would not understand any better

Font - Juicebox-shakur • 14h Partassipant [1] NTA. If she can dish it out publicly, she can take it publicly, too. Bout time someone said something. People like that don't usually respond to a private talking-to. It takes them experiencing the same sense of shame or embarrassment they inflict on others, to finally get it. Hopefully she has time to reflect later and thank you for it. But that's probably overly optimistic lol G Reply 4 83 3

9. Whatever happened, happened for good, that’s what everybody should believe in

Font - KyotoSkateShop · 13h Certified Proctologist [22] NTA I think you need to have a real heart to heart with your wife. It is not okay to pick and choose when common decency is used. If it is okay for the bratty friend to yell at a waitress, in public, then it is fine to scold her for her behaviour. You were just showing her how that behaviour felt. I would absolutely refuse to see that friend socially (or outside of the home) after that behaviour., And I think you should really speak to your

10. GG OP

Font - dopeydopeee · 14h NTA. In fact you were so classy on your roasting her just by telling facts. GG OP G Reply ...

11. The last literally means everything 

Font - Scarecrowqueen · 12h Partassipant [2] NTA. Oh no, she's embarrassed about being scolded for misbehaving in public?? How embarrassed was that poor waitress by her rude comments??? How embarrassed were you and your wife by her childish behavior??? That lady needs to put on her big girl undies and grow up. G Reply ...

12. Louder

Font - NTAAAAAA! G Reply

13. Couldn’t agree more 

Rectangle - Matelot67 · 12h Partassipant [1] NTA - She called out the waitress publicly, so it's fair play if the favour is returned! G Reply ...

14. That is absolutely true 

Font - Jennabear82• 11h Partassipant [2] NTA - I'm sure the server appreciated this. I'd always hate when people would come in on a Sunday lunch rush and complain about the wait as if they're the only one in the restaurant. I should also mention if you tip in cash to hand it directly to the servers. Bus staff and other servers steal cash tips that are left on the table. G Reply ..

15. That lady is toxic and must better be left 

Rectangle - normanbeets · 10h Partassipant [1] On behalf of service staff everywhere, thank you. Tell your wife to make better friends. NTA O G Reply

16. Sometimes calling out is the only option 

Rectangle - Iseeasong • 13h NTA- She was rude and needed calling out. 6 Reply ...

17. Always 

Rectangle - Publandlady · 9h NTA. Your waitress will remember you. G Reply


Rectangle - GoodOnPaper • 6h NTA You didn't embarrass her in front of a restauraunt. She did that herself. You pointing it out just meant she couldn't ignore it. G Reply ...
Humilating servants or waitresses, or people working in such positions makes you nithign but lesser of a human. We all should learn to be humble and empathetic towards them. have you ever witnessed anything similar? We would want you to share it in the comments. For more interesting content, keep visiting defused.

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