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Dad Takes Sweet Revenge On Snow Plow Who Kept Breaking His Mailbox

Be ready to get as good as you give.

If you mess with someone, be ready to get messed with even harder than you can imagine. However, this particular person wasn’t just messing with a family but breaking their mailbox every time. We don’t have the story of why or how this even started. But apparently the guy who drove this snowplow loved to target this one mailbox.


As you can probably imagine, they got tired of fixing it again and again. So an amazing idea popped into the father’s head. He had previously tried to complain about this issue but they had waved it away by saying his mailbox was too weak. Well, he was going to prove them wrong.

So he set his plan in motion and waited for the next time the snowplow would come in. And let me put it this way, it was glorious when the snowplow did come.

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They can try all they want but nobody is getting through that concrete.

Similar story from my college roommate. But it was kids smashing a lot of mailboxes with a bat. His stepdad made their’s out of 1/4″ steel. Next time it happened the kid shattered both wrists when the bat hit the box. –Dorsk84

Honestly, he and his damned snowplow deserved this.


Stellar story if true. My town’s snowplow damaged my mailbox. When I called to complain for damages, they replied it was their “policy”. To replace it only if it came off the post. Government doesn’t care about doing what’s right. –BillMPE

They can moan all they want but the father wasn’t in the wrong.


I remember driving to work and taking out someone’s mailbox and feeling awful. It took me two weeks but I got the money to buy them a new one. I found out they were on vacation when I went to apologise and so I installed it mid western NY winter and left without a word. –ImKimJongUn

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