Comic Artist Draws Hysterical Illustrations Out Of Butt Drawings And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Butts everywhere!

And I do not mean female butts because that is the first thing that most people’s mind go to. Today we are going to focus on uni-gender butts. And yes there is such a thing, and today we are going to draw amazing stuff with simply using a butt. I never thought I’d say this, but butts can actually help you draw anything.

From Elvis to birds, nothing is safe. And that is the most exciting thing ever. Now I am aware that not everyone is an artistic genius and can draw perfectly. Although everything is going to change today, I am sure you can draw a butt because basically everyone can do it.

Well, now as it turns out, If you can draw a butt, you can also draw a lot of other things. Who knew dawing butts would be so useful huh? And Aditi Mali (Adi) is the one who thought of this hilarious and weird idea.

She is a fantastic artist and is based in India. She loves to post stuff on Instagram, and she has over 63,000 followers although she clearly deserves a lot more.

Now that we are done with that let’s get on with her amazing and simplistic art designs.

Source: Youtube | Patreon | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodbadblog

#1 The sleeping cat. 

#2 A surprised snail. 


#3 A very easy Elvis. 


#4 A very tentacly octopus. 


#5 A flaccid ant-eater. 


#6 Mickey Mouse.


#7 Okay, I did not see that coming!


#8 I don’t think that is quite right, but I get it. 


#9 Ah yes, the anger just makes it perfect. 


#10 Drawing elephant butt with a butt? So meta!


#11 A happy killer fish. 

#12 Aw that is so cheesy and cute. 


#13 Is it just me or does it looks like a butt wearing underwear? 

#14 I think I’ll stop at the 3rd step. 


#15 Now, This is exactly perfect!

#16 I am actually very impressed with this one. 


Even though Aditi has been losing a lot more followers in recent times because of some factors mainly the following. However, she does have the perfect answer for those too.

Too much of my cat in my Instagram story.

It’s my Instagram story, Ichoose what to put there. I can post whatever I want to, I have that freedom. If you’re not into my cat or anything else besides my comics, swipe away from the story. You have the option/freedom to not look at it. Let’s use and respect each other’s freedom.

And posting too much of my cat on my story shouldn’t be reason enough to unfollow me if you’re following me for my comics, this isn’t Snapchat where stories are the main focus. There’s a lot of people who enjoy looking at my cat stories and other stuff that I put there. Moreover, I want to use Instagram stories as a way for my audience to get to know me closely. Bottomline, if you don’t like it, swipe away.


 Patreon is one of the ways I earn a living. I am grateful for the people who support me there. I have a new reward where I acknowledge their support after every comic I post.

If you have a problem with that, you should stop because it’s completely harmless and it’s not even like I’m forcing anything on you. It’s already difficult making a living as an artist in the early stages. 🙂

Change in art style/ humor.

(This might be slightly long) For starters, an artist has all the right and freedom to experiment, change and play with their art style. It is also an essential factor in growing/evolving as an artist. Please make peace with this fact.  Now, let’s talk about me and my art.

If you scroll down my Instagram page, you’ll notice there isn’t one particular theme or a style to it. My comics don’t follow a consistent style and are pretty random. This might be a good thing or not. For a long time, I’ve looked at it as a bad thing. I’ve belittled and doubted myself as an artist for not having a consistent style.

But after all this time, I’ve learned the importance and okay-ness of it. It’s okay to not have a style that sticks, maybe one day you’ll find it. What isn’t okay is not being happy with what you’re creating just to fit in and not testing your potential and trying to see what you can do the best. I’ve always loved “shamelessly” experimenting with different styles to see what works for me the best and that’s, how I believe I grow. I’ve put it all up online for people to witness my growth and also because it’s so much easier to look back on my growth on the internet than to try to find my sketchbook, years later.

My latest style with the many “boxes” in one slide is probably my favorite one so far. I am truly having a lot of fun creating these multiple panel comics It’s creatively challenging and I love that. The change was sudden and people were used to reading my easier 4-panel comics but the way I see it, if I’m not genuinely having fun creating art, I might as well not do it at all. I like to keep things real and true to heart. I draw as things come to my mind, which would explain the randomness of my comics. I do feel I should have talked more about this change in art style so that people would know why and what was going, so I’m sorry for that.

Aditi Mali

What are your thoughts on this ‘make stuff with butt’? Do you think it is hilarious and awesome? Comment down below and let us know.


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