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17 Disney Character Pairs Reimagined As Humans

Cartoons will always hold a special place in our hearts.

We grew up watching cartoons and animated movies on Disney. It was a massive part of our childhood. Heck, it is a part of our present lives as well. These cartoons were a massive entertainment for us, and they also taught us many important life lessons. Every movie’s ending had some sort of moral lesson that impacted our lives immensely. Those messages from cartoons were embedded in our minds and unconsciously, we implemented them into our lives as well. Watching Disney movies, we could relate to many characters and some of them ended up becoming our favourites as well. We would try to mimic our favourite characters and imagine them in different scenarios because we had a vast imagination as children. However, just imagining them was not enough for us. We always needed more. We needed visual representations of our imaginary situations. But we were too young to bring our imagination to life.


Now that most of us have grown up, we can fulfil our dreams through fan art. Fanart is an amazing form of expressing our love for our favourite characters. Some of us now have the skills to illustrate whatever we thought of our favourite Disney characters in art form. Thanks to fan art, our perception of our favourite characters are not limited anymore. They can be whatever we want them to be. However, that does not mean that we change the spirit of the characters. The characters remain the same in nature even if we change their gender, race, or species. It is always nice seeing your favourite Disney characters in a different light.

Today, we will show you our favourite Disney character pairs reimagined as humans. Most of the cartoons we watched as kids had animals as their main characters. Well now, thanks to the Internet and creative artists, we can see what they would have looked like if they were created as humans. Scroll down below to see some of them.


1. Olaf and Sven.

Olaf seems just as cheerful as a human!

2. Simba and Nala.


Loving Simba’s red hair.

3. Pongo and Perdita.


It is so cute that the artist still incorporated the Dalmatian spots in their outfits.

4. Thomas and Duchess.


Duchess looks like an ice princess.

5. Flounder and Sabastian.


Sabastian’s face looks exactly the same.

6. Pooh and Piglet.


Sorry Pooh, but as a human, you will have to wear some pants.

7. Tramp and Lady.


If she had red pigtails that would have looked cute too!

8. Chip and Dale.


Sorry Chip and Dale, we need to wear pants as humans.

As a child, I would get so excited whenever a movie would have a crossover and the animation style would slightly change for the characters. It used to feed my imagination even more. We could never have enough of our favourite movies as children, so we would always wish to know more about the characters’ lives. Thank goodness for fanart! Scroll down below to see more.

9. Gus and Jaq.


Love that they kept his two front teeth.

10. James P. Sullivan and Mike.


Glad he kept the blue cap.

11. The Siamese cats.

They look so exotic.

12. Robin and Lady Marian.


She has the same dress. Aww.

13. Flotsam and Jetsam.

Advertisement by UDM

They look just as troublesome as humans.

14. Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


They will always be my favourite.

15. Timon and Pumbaa.

The earrings are a great touch.

17. Dory and Marlin.


Dory looks so pretty.

Did you like this fan art? What would you like to see next? Tell us in the comments below!


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